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Get Clicking - Creative Dating Ideas for Couples
October 09, 2013

Here is your latest issue of Get Clicking - Relationship Tips Helping You Connect with the One You Love

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To offer relationship tips that help couples "Get Clicking" in their relationships, and to help couples looking for love advice to "Get Clicking" through cyberspace technology to some of the most influential mentors of relationships available on the Internet.

Published by Stan Leffew

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  • Relationship Tips - Conversation Starter Cards for Husbands and Wives
  • What's New - How to Inspire Your Husband to Stop Looking at Other Women
  • #1 Way to Revive Your Relationship Overnight


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Conversation Starter Cards for Husbands and Wives


Fall is upon us! Autumn can be one of the most romantic times of the year. Date nights can often move outside without concerns of insects or hot, muggy weather.

With all the opportunity for fresh date nights the great outdoors offers, there is still one thing that way too often doesn't seem to change.

Being creative in our date night conversations!

Couples easily get in a rut when it comes to communicating on date nights. The old standby's repeat themselves over and over again because we've grown comfortable with using them.

Instead of "How was your day?" and "How were the kids?" why not, instead, go deeper with your conversation when dating your spouse.

Here are some great F**REE options for you to use. Just print off these creative date nights Conversation Starter Cards for husbands and wives and let the creativity begin.

You can find them for both husbands and wives by clicking these

Free Printable Conversation Starter Cards for Husbands and Wives


Husband Stop Looking System

If you have been a follower of this e-zine for a while or a follower of our website, you know I've just released one of my most important relationship products, yet.

The HUSBAND STOP LOOKING SYSTEM is a product that speaks to women about what to do when their boyfriend or their husband can't stop looking at other women. This author believes that way too many men are adolescently pouring energy into superficial fantasies fueled by their eyes instead of GETTING DOWN TO THE BUSINESS OF DEEPLY LOVING THEIR WIVES.

This is one of the biggest relationship struggles women around the world have. The beauty standards of our world causes even the most attractive of women to feel she is not measuring up. When her husband/boyfriend is always checking out other women, he has just become another measuring stick telling her she is not measuring up.

To find out what you can do about this, go check out: How to Inspire Your Husband to Stop Looking at Other Women


Couples who express dissatisfaction in their relationship

usually cite these problems:

* lack of good communication

* stress

* feel stuck in a rut

* money problems

* intimacy issues

The easiest way to fix all of these problems is with frequent (yet, inexpensive) creative date nights.

1. Set a frequency that works for your relationship. Ideally it would be once a week but maybe it has to be once a month. Whatever it is, get it on the calendar.

2. Switch up the dates. Resist the temptation to do the same thing over and over (like dinner out). New places, events and settings will spark new communication and keep the excitement level high.

==> Check out these 300 creative date night ideas 300 Dates for Couples

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