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Get Clicking - Men, Are You The World's Foremost Authority On Your Spouse?
August 30, 2016

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I saw it with my own eyes!

It was one of those lazy Saturdays without much to do, so I grabbed my wife and kids and journeyed down to a local car show going on in town.

We all quickly became enamored by all the different models and the elaboration of each vehicle. Millions of dollars had collaboratively gone into fixing up those automobiles to have strangers drop by for a few minutes at one and then move on to the next car in the show.

It was intriguing watching them handle each car. The owners would remove the car covers and roll them out to their chosen spot for the show. Afterwards, they would cover them back up and load them onto the trailers they came there on for safe transport back home.

It didn't take me long at the show to notice something. I noticed that I didn't know much about the cars in the show. In fact, you could just say I was a car show novice. Fortunately, somewhere on or beside each vehicle was a nice plaque or poster detailing all the information one could want about the car. If you couldn’t find the information, all you had to do was ask the car owners and they had it fully memorized.

So, what were these car owners?

Each of them were the world's foremost authority on the vehicle they showcased. Practically anything you wanted to know about each car could be accessed with a simple question to the owners. Have you ever met anyone like this?

I did that day and I saw it with my own eyes.

We meet people all the time who are the world's foremost authority on many things. I have buddies who are the world's foremost authority on camping gear. Others who are the world's foremost authority on sports. I don't just mean they know some things about sports. I'm talking, they keep up with names, stats and even personal things going on within the lives of sports legends.

I have friends who are the world's foremost authority of each golf round they play. You get on the phone and ask about their day and twenty minutes later you are still getting the play-by-play of what happened on the 17th hole. If you have a golfer in your family, you probably know what I mean. Many people have someone manage their money whom they trust is the world's foremost authority on financial planning. The point is, there are all areas of life where we understand this concept. If we recognize these things so easily, why does it seem so foreign to hear someone talk about being the world's foremost authority on your spouse?

I agree!

It shouldn't be foreign to us at all!

It should just be a natural expression of how we do married life.

Are you the world's foremost authority on your spouse? If you really want to honor your spouse, decide you are going to become just that! The more you become the world's foremost authority on your spouse, the more it shows you are spending your life studying him/her. The more you get to know your spouse, the more you get to know the joy and reward of having that person you love in your life.

You should see what you've been missing!

(Excerpted from my latest book, "You Can't Be a Man of Steel If You Keep Playing With Kryptonite")




Are you tired of less than desirable passion and intimacy in the bedroom?

If you feel like it's getting more challenging to keep the passion alive in your lovemaking the longer you are together, then you're not alone.

You know what I mean! New positions or techniques become ordinary and normal again within a few sessions of making love in your marriage.

It's as if the longer you are together as a couple, the quicker new ideas become routine!

Sound familiar?

If you're searching for another way to keep the magic of intimacy alive long-term. I challenge you to give this a try. You are going to love:

"100 Sex Games For Couples."

You will be pleasantly surprised by the originality and fun of this resource and how much it helps to spice up physical intimacy in your marriage.

These games will get you kissing, touching and laughing a lot. These games are creative, tasteful and fun enough to play over and over again.

Having been on Oprah as well as "The Romantic" Newspaper Columns all across the nation, you can rest assured the author has a long reputable history of helping relationships be more amazing and less boring!

You will be surprised that such a simple resource about nothing more than "games" can actually bring you closer as a couple. And don't be surprised to find you are spending more time together just doing life like you used to!

It's a great feeling to be connecting in your relationship with your spouse!

This resource can open your eyes and remind you that your marriage is so precious and the time you spend together should be spent to the fullest.

I highly recommend this to couples wanting to create something extra special in their relationships. If you like the sound of more adventure and more fun in your intimacy, then I invite you to...

Follow this link to learn all about:


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