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Get Clicking - Men, Are You Living on PRESENT STREET
June 02, 2015

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  • Relationship Tips - Men, Are You Living on PRESENT STREET?
  • 7 Words Every Woman Fears


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Men, Are You Living on PRESENT STREET

I pass it pretty much every day!

Every time I go by it, I think about how much I would like to live there.

Few of us do live there, you know!

Oh, to be sure, most of us think about it a lot, but then we get distracted and other things in life consume our time and attention.

Maybe, someday (there's always SOMEDAY), we will finally live there and experience the impact it has on our lives.

So, if I pass it every day, and few of us call it home, yet it's someplace where so many of us want to live, just what is it I am passing every day?

Are you sure you want to know?

The answer could surprise you!

The answer could cost you something in your love life!

If I tell you, please don't get angry with me!

I pass (drum roll)…

P R E S E N T Street!


Yes, it really is the name of the street!

When you drive down it, you can't help but notice there are hardly any houses there. It's in a busy section of town where people are accustomed to being in a rush and always on the go. Many people are simply driving through it to get somewhere else in a hurry.

Sounds a lot like life, doesn't it?

Most of us struggle with being PRESENT. We're in such a hurry and life is such a rush, we just don't have time to be PRESENT. Many of us find PRESENT Street a place we may drive through, but not very many of us park our cars there for very long (yes, it's just a metaphor).

What does a street named PRESENT have to do with our topic at hand?

Men, being PRESENT is a gift to the heart of our wives!

Here's some of what happens in a marriage when a man starts showing up more. When he decides to be PRESENT more! When he decides to come live on PRESENT Street.

  • His wife starts to feel she is a PRIORITY in his world: No woman likes to feel she has a low placement of priority in her man’s life. The world is full of women who feel their husband’s priorities are misplaced. But, when he decides to be PRESENT more, she starts to feel more wanted, more appreciated and more a priority in his life.

  • His eyes start to find their home more in her: A man will never fully embrace the love he has in his life as long as his eyes keep looking beyond his wife. The more he lets his eyes make the same promise to her as his heart, the more he finds himself truly AT HOME in her world. When a man tells his wife how much he loves and values her, his history of honoring her with his eyes makes his present words that much more meaningful and easier to believe.

  • His wife starts to feel CHOSEN: Every woman wants to feel chosen by her man. The more he becomes PRESENT, the more of a PRESENT she starts to feel she is to his world. The more he makes her feel chosen, the more he lights up her heart.

Guys, grab a hammer and some nails! It's time to start building your house on PRESENT Street. The more PRESENT you are, the more of a PRESENT (gift) you are to your wife.



I need to tell you something very important. I want to talk with you about 7 words that every woman fears. What are those 7 words?

"I'm sorry it's just not working out"

And yet those words are becoming more and more common in today's "Plenty Of Fish Society."

More and more women are hearing these 7 words from their men as more and more men are being told that "hooking up" is the way to go. Society seems to be selling men the sizzle but stealing from them the SOUL of relationships.

Did you know YOUR MAN is being targeted and there are companies in the name of making money luring him away from staying committed? Millions of dollars are being spent learning what it takes to allure men so these companies can make billions preying on the minds and hearts of men.

But what if you could awaken your man's deepest desires for you? So much so that his love for you becomes so alive in his heart he chooses you over any of these allurements?

My friend, Bob Grant, has been following this trend closely and he calls these "AFFAIR VULTURES." Bob is a licensed marriage counselor and best-selling author. He is helping women everywhere know the CODE to DEEPLY BONDING WITH HER MAN and knitting his heart to hers forever. Follow this link to learn more:


Bob says,

"What most women don't realize is that men come to love differently than women.

Because even when he can't keep his hands off of you....

Even when he daydreams about when he's going to see you again...

Even when he tells you he loves you something inside of him remains cautious.

You know what I'm talking about. It's that primitive protective shield around his heart that tells him 'don’t let her get too close.' Even if he has already committed his life to you, he is often still struggling against this protective shield around his heart.

And if you try and break through this wall around his heart, that's often when he'll start to doubt his love for you, unless you know the secret code that makes him realize you are the woman for him."

Find out Bob's 5 distinct stages to creating an intimate bond with a man by clicking this link:



- Stan

P.S. Society may be telling men that all they want is a casual hookup, but every man has a secret passageway into his heart and once you enter it, his love for you grows and his bond to you becomes even more certain and secure.


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