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Sugar For My Coffee -- The Last Act of a Desperate Artist
March 29, 2008

Here is your latest issue of Sugar For My Coffee

Dated, March 2008

*Sugar For My Coffee Mission*
To journey each month into The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe. While there, through cyberspace technology and the click of a mouse, we can enjoy a cup of coffee together as we get to know some of the most influential mentors of relationships and life empowerment of our time. Our presence together becomes, "Sugar For My Coffee".

Published by Stan Leffew

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  • Monthly Mentor - The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe
  • Perspective - The Last Act of a Desperate Artist
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Monthly Mentor - The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe

Welcome to the segment I like to call, Sugar For My Coffee!

Here we discover the individuals with whom this author would be most honored to sit across from and enjoy a coffee break. I close all my writings with this entrance into The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe to introduce my readers to another Success Mentor for life empowerment. That person's presence at the table would be Sugar For My Coffee!

He said, Be totally honest with yourself. Your time on earth is limited. Isn't it time you made the most of it?"

Our guest today in the Coffee Shop: Kerry & Chris Shook

Our guest in the Coffee Shop this issue reflected on the dash seen on tombstones in a cemetary and was faced with this sobering and life-changing thought.

He said, "Are you living the dash or are you dashing to live....It is startling to realize that a person's whole life can be summed up in a little dash connecting two numbers....we don't get to decide on the two numbers, but we do get to decide on the dash."

He sat down and wrote the book, "One Month To Live - Thirty Days to a No Regrets Life" It became a thirty day challenge inspiring people all around the world to Live Passionately. Love Completely. Learn Humbly. Leave Boldly.

Those of you who are familiar with "Sugar For My Coffee" know that you can join us for this coffee break any time you like. Simply grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and get to know our guest. Through cyberspace technology and the click of a mouse, go now and get to know Kerry & Chris Shook.

For more about me visit here.

Did someone say, "Pass The Sugar, Please"?

Couples Corner - The Last Act of a Desperate Artist

This is the area of our newsletter where we grow in our life and relationship enrichment.

The Last Act of a Desperate Artist

"The last act of a desperate artist is to expose his genitals"

Although this was spoken hundreds of years ago, you can't help but see its relevance for today.

If Janet Jackson had read this quote a few years back, the Super Bowl these days may not be so tainted by association with halftime antics of disclosure. If Britney Spears had understood this, maybe she would not have exposed herself for the cameras causing more disarray in her already troubled life.

You see this same desperation every time another Hollywood star uses Playboy in an attempt to step back into the spotlight of a career whose candle is slowly going out.

The point of this quote is obvious. When an artist finds himself/herself no longer appreciated and valued for what made them memorable, they often resort to less in value in hopes of being valued more.

But stars are not the only people susceptible to this urge of desperation.

Young (and old) girls and boys resort to it because they don't want to lose their boyfriend/girlfriend who is pressuring them to have sex.

Not wanting to lose their relationship, they give in and wonder why the heat has turned on in the relationship but the heart has tuned out. Over time they can't help noticing that dating seems to be centered more on physical involvement than life involvement and their bed has become bigger while their world together has become smaller.

Young (and old) boys and girls resort to it because society has caused them to believe virginity is a stain that must be removed from their lives.

Not wanting to be scrutinized, they give in only to find that what they thought was a stain on their lives was actually one of the things that elevated their value in the eyes of the right person.

It is my belief that people today share their bodies because it is easier than sharing their lives. The requirements needed for nighttime value are easier than the requirements needed for lifetime value. What they end up with are lives full of desire and empty of design. I believe God is a God of design, and I think He has more in mind for our sexuality than how we see it being used (abused) today.

"We've come far from our humble early days
I get this feeling we've maybe gone astray
We're a long way from the manger
From the pure, simple Divine
Long way from the innocence of the Stranger
Is this what You had in mind?"
- Wayne Watson Long Way From The Manger -

It is important that you understand that the value you place on your body is determined by how you use it. Don't let your use of yours be the last act of a desperate artist.

Something to think about,

©Copyright 2007 advice-for-lifetime-relationships
by Stanley J. Leffew

Journey With Jessica – Sex and the City - UNCOVERED

Hi again everyone!

Most of you reading this are familiar with the hit television show, "Sex and the City." I came across someone who didn't just watch the show, she lived it.

Not only did she live it, she wrote a book about the emptiness found there titled, "Sex and the City - UNCOVERED."

I would like to introduce you to a woman with a message that will forever change how you see yourself as a woman. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Marian Jordan

SPONSOR: Ladies, how would you like to become the kind of woman than men adore and never want to leave? If you find you are able to attract a relationship but sometimes struggle keeping it, find out how you can become the kind of woman men adore.

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