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Sugar For My Coffee -- I Wonder
January 06, 2007

Here is your latest issue of Sugar For My Coffee

Dated January 2007
Happy New Year!

*Sugar For My Coffee Mission*
To journey each month into The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe. While there, through cyberspace technology and the click of a mouse, we can enjoy a cup of coffee together as we get to know some of the most influential mentors of relationships and life empowerment of our time. Our presence together becomes, "Sugar For My Coffee".

Published by Stan Leffew

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Monthly Mentor - The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe

Welcome to the segment I like to call, Sugar For My Coffee!

Here we discover the individuals with whom this author would be most honored to sit across from and enjoy a coffee break. I close all my writings with this entrance into The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe to introduce my readers to another Success Mentor for life empowerment. That person's presence at the table would be Sugar For My Coffee!

He said, "the..........problem with focusing on your looks: you wind up attracting people who are also focused on your looks, and probably on their own. That's swell if you plan on looking at each other all day, but it doesn't bode well for interesting conversation--or any real emotional attachment. You are so much more than the shell you inhabit."

Every now and then, I stumble upon a treasure trove of insight that captivates me. This is one of those times.

I found a book the other day from our guest this month in the Coffee Shop on sale at Borders. It was on sale, not because it isn't good, it was on sale because people too often in life reach for the trifle and miss the treasure.

Today's coffee break guests: Philip Van Munching

After almost getting hit by a bus in New York, this father couldn't stop thinking about leaving his two young daughters without his insight on how to manage life. So, as any good father does, he decided to do something about it and wrote the book I stumbled upon. It is titled, "Boys Will Put You On a Pedestal (so they can look up your skirt)."

Katie Couric provides the Foreword and Phil McGraw (Dr. Phil) says "parents should read it, and then give it to their daughters."

If you read one resource this year, make it mine (smile), if you read a second one, make it this one.

Those of you who are familiar with this segment of my work know that you can join us for this coffee break any time you wish. You only have to grab a cup of coffee, pull up a seat at the table and get to know our guests.

Visit the following website to get to know Philip Van Munching.

For more about me visit here.

Did someone say, "Pass The Sugar, Please"?

Perspective - I Wonder

This is the area of our newsletter where we try to take perspective of things going on in the world.

I Wonder

I wonder what would happen if we shut out the noise,
and reflected on the humanity of all us girls and boys.
As tsunamis come out of nowhere with force,
and remind us once again of human anguish and remorse.

I wonder if we would be so swept away by American Idol,
if the bird-flu pandemic caused a rift in our recital.
As more hurricanes blow with their winds of destruction,
causing our activities to cease with abrupt interruption.

I wonder if Shock-Jock obsessions with how much LEG-I-SEE,
would be as important to us as our own LEG-A-CY.
When the best laid plans of mice and men fall with a flop,
like two towers did, and all time seemed to stop.

I wonder if disease and famine swept over our land,
would body image and sex still be the focus of man.
When earthquakes, mudslides, and fires spreading wild,
make the knees of the strongest man bow like a child's.

I wonder if we took time to reflect on how finite we really are,
Instead of our outlook on life being on the next Hollywood star.
Would our quest be on money, success and more "stuff" for our collections,
or would we finally see the value there is in our connections.

I Wonder

P.S. Have you hugged your family today?

©Copyright 2006 advice-for-lifetime-relationships
by Stanley J. Leffew

Journey With Jessica – Jessica, at the Oscars?

Jessica is a Star!

Well, she is to me and I'm proud of her.

The church we attend with our family is a fairly large church. Jessica was in drama throughout High School and College and is known for her acting skills. Because of this, she was asked to play the main character in our church Christmas drama.

This drama is one of the best I have ever seen and I wanted to share it with those of you who also enjoy these kind of things. If you enjoy this, send her a note in our Contact Us page at our site telling her she has your vote for this years Oscar (smile).

It is the story of a young lady who is astranged from her father and is trying to get home before Christmas. She is unaware that the journey home is going to teach her much about life that she really needs to know. Enjoy watching this right from your computer screen by visiting this URL: (you may have to copy and paste the URL below into your browser)

Sorry, link no longer works since holidays are over


Each month you get this newsletter, you have a chance to win Stan's latest e-book, "Beauty Also Wears Clothes - 101 Reflections On Becoming What Others LOOK FOR in Life and Relationships, Not Just What They LOOK AT."

For this month's contest, go to the page below on my site and tell me what Jessica had to show as her Passport during her special Valentine Day journey last year.

Send your submissions to:

contest (at)

I will draw a name from contest entries and send the winner this special e-book. Deadline for entries is January 20th, 2007.

Here's the page for the Contest.

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