A story of love and a Proposal‏‏‏

by Ereomala Atigolo
(London, UK)

Dear Sir or Madam

My name is Ereomala Atigolo, I came across your articles “Tell Us Your Romantic Proposal Story” and while I was reading some of them which by the way were fascinating I notice that you encourage readers to submit stories to the website.

This is my first time writing to you but I thought if I am going to write to you it should be something amazing or top notch so I am writing to you to submit my love story and my amazing news. I recently proposed to my girlfriend Charlotte of 8 years in amazing way.

Please allow me to tell you a little bit about how we met, as it is a funny story. Charlotte and I first met on a blind date. It all began when I was invited to a Community Youth Development Charity event by the host, who was a guy I worked with on the Southwark Community Magazine Project, supporting youth development.

It was a number of days later when I received a phone call from him telling me there was a girl that he knew, who saw me at the event and thought I was cute. He asked me would I mind if he gave her my number, I was slightly hesitate but said yes, a few minutes later I got a call from a softly spoken young lady who introduced herself as Charlotte. Instantly we got on, discussing topics from our favourite films, hobbies and places to visit, we spoke for hours until we realised the time. Then we spoke again during the week, that’s when I realised I still did not know what she looked like.

I asked her to describe herself, she then replied with a description, but after she dropped a bomb shell, which was she didn’t know what I looked like. It was weird because my friend told me she had seen me at the charity event, but it turned out she wasn’t even there. Basically the guy who knew both of us told her, he knew a guy at the event who could be her type and thought he would give her my number; that’s when I realised we had both been setup. But as we were getting on so well, I thought I’ll be happy to spend an hour of my time on a date, 8 years later… I'm still happy.

Well, we decided to meet up and go to a restaurant. I entered the restaurant as if it was a scene from ‘The Terminator’ movie, where Arnie heads into the club scanning for Sarah Connor. There I was just inside of the restaurant, scanning the area and in the corner of my eye, there she was and I thought to myself, WOW she's beautiful.

8 years on and I still think WOW, she is still that beautiful lady I met and spoke to on the phone all those years ago and I know that this special lady is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

For my proposal I wanted to do something special, something different, something unexpected, something that would show my love for Charlotte, something that would show my dedication towards her and something that would surprise her, therefore last year on 25th October 2012 I started taking guitar lessons and some singing lesson….not to sound great but just to sound bearable. Charlotte had no idea I was been taking guitar lessons and of course, this proposal.

I proposed to Charlotte on Friday 17th May at her work place with a choir flash mob.
By the way my friend filmed my proposal which will immortalise my proposal and our love.

Enjoy the video:

Yours truly,

Ereomala Atigolo
BA Hons

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