Amazing Race Proposal

by Lindsey
(United States)

My husband has always been the romantic type and he wanted to make our marriage proposal one to remember.

Every week we would always watch the show "Amazing Race" together and one night he decided that the perfect way to propose was through having our own Amazing Race. He started planing out every thing to the very last detail. He even got our entire small group from church in on it. I had no clue what was coming. After three months of preparation the day finally came.

Our entire small group lined up as if it was a real race. We started and our first clue led us to the place we met, then to our first kiss, to where he said I love you, then to our favorite park.

The entire time I had no clue that he was going to propose because he had every little detail worked out. At each location he would have a team either just finishing up the task and leaving or having a team arrive after we did.

When we arrived at the park and I saw the clues, I knew. He had rewind, a yield, and a fast-forward. (all things relating to the actual show) On the rewind he wrote about when we first met and started dating. On the yield he wrote about our relationship at that time. And on the fast-forward he left it blank. There was a card inside the fast-forward saying "I don't know what our life holds for us but I can't wait to find out what God has written for our lives"

He then proposed and gave me a new Bible with my new name on it. After several minutes our families and friends came out of their cars.

It was very romantic and certainly something we'll never forget.

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