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Looking for some creative wedding ideas?

Has wedding planning, wedding vows and getting married occupied a lot of your focus these days? Here are some great wedding tips to help make wedding planning easier on your emotions and your wedding budget.

Oh, by the way, if you desire more than just a great start to your marriage, this site, along with our e-book, "How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime" share how to have a great marriage after you start.

Creative Wedding Ideas

  1. Get PVC pipe from your local hardware store and create archways for an outside wedding. Place wooden stakes on each side of center runner isle. Place one end of PVC pipe over the wooden stake and bend PVC pipe across the runner isle and over the other stake. It works like a dream. Use cleaner to wipe off any print on the pipe and wrap pipe with garland and/or Christmas lights. Do this every few feet and you have a great looking archway across your center runner isle.
  2. Scan pictures in black & white of bride and groom growing up and place them against a contrasting background in those little note holders that you get for floral arrangements. Place them in the centerpiece on each table.
  3. Put little throw away cameras at every table and ask guests as a gift to you to take candid pictures of themselves and other guests throughout the reception. If something should happen to the photographer's prints, they may be the only ones you have.
  4. Always, always, always get a back up Videographer, even if it's a friend with a Camcorder. Echoing the previous sentiments, if something should happen to the original video, you will be glad you had the spare. Note: Be sure to call your "backup" and remind them to charge the batteries.
  5. If an outside wedding is in your wedding plans, use a runner for the ceremony isle. Be sure to tack it down so that the wind does not blow it off of center.
  6. Send a list of popular attractions in your area to those who will be traveling in for your wedding. Oftentimes, people are using vacation time to come see you and may be able to stay for a few days after you have left for your honeymoon. They sure would appreciate the thoughtfulness. This is one of those creative wedding ideas we could have used.
  7. Be sure to assign tasks to your bridesmaids of what you need done. Do not assume that they know what needs done or will take the initiative to jump in and do it. You will save yourself a lot of frustration and possibly a sleepless pre-wedding night by not having to do everything yourself.
  8. Put someone in charge of your gifts. Those cards and gift tags fall off easily, leaving you with no idea where some of the gifts came from.
  9. Do a practice run through with your hair and make up. Then take pictures of what you really like. This is going to be one of the most photographed days of your life. You will feel so much more confident if you have the exact hair and makeup you wanted. Looking at your hair in wedding pictures can be moments of, "I'm glad I did" instead of moments of, "I wish I had".
  10. Our suggestion for outdoor wedding music. Pick music with lots of trumpets and brass. The sound of trumpets in the outdoor elements adds a touch of Camelot to your wedding ceremony.


The Value Of a HOME Connection

You will find plenty of creative wedding ideas and wedding resources as you visit with us, but this site is also about making relationships last a lifetime.

Because this site is dedicated to longevity in relationships and not just great beginnings, you will find creative wedding ideas along with some great relationship-building resources and ideas as you search our site.

After all, it is vitally important for one to prepare for a great marriage and not just a great wedding. Creative wedding ideas have their place, but making relationships last is where it's really at.

The second H in "The FOUR-H Formula" that this site and the E-book, "How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime" are based on, is all about helping us to build our relationships on an overwhelming passion for home and family.

I call this passion for home and family a HOME CONNECTION.

If you are not certain that the person you are dating has a home-building passion, don't go looking for creative wedding ideas until you know for sure.

In the e-book, you will see the value that having a HOME CONNECTION brings to your relationship.

Here are a few things covered:

  • Why some people are not equipped for lifetime relationships
  • Why the price for a meaningful relationship is too high for some
  • Why some chase fantasies and run from reality
  • The great disappearing act of role-model relationships
  • Knowing when your date is a mate or if you should you show him/her the gate
  • Action steps you can take to help you not be WRONG when choosing your Mr./Mrs. RIGHT

How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights
and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime

Find out for yourself why the popular trend of chasing desire and night of a lifetime relationships fails to satisfy the longing of the heart for love, companionship, oneness, relationship fulfillment and intimacy. Now a PDF E-book and available for immediate download.

More Creative Wedding Ideas

Popped the question yet? Discover some of the most romantic ways to propose. Great memories come from great proposals.

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