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Care for some creative dating ideas to enhance your romantic intelligence?

This page is dedicated to assisting us all in growing in the area of creative dating. Relationship and dating advice is beneficial to us all. Whether we are just meeting our significant other, or we've been married for years, creative romance can enrich our lives.

Whether you are looking for first date ideas, dating icebreaker ideas, date night ideas, romantic date ideas or you just want to have more fun and creativity in your relationships, this page is for you.

Below are some dating ideas that have worked well for me and others I know. Developing our romantic intelligence will go a long way toward greater relationship building.

Fast Food Dating Idea

Do something totally out of place.

Decide to have a thrifty date night. Go to a fast food restaurant of your choice and dine. (I know, I know, this is your normal date experience).

This time though, you are going to take a nice tablecloth, candles and the finest China you have for a table setting.

Spread the tablecloth and create a table setting with the candles and dinnerware. You better believe you will attract attention, but this is all part of the experience. It works and it's fun.

Dollar Store Ice-breaker Dating Idea

This works expecially well on a first date as an ice-breaker.

Go together to an "Everything For A Dollar" store.

While there, your goal is to find three items that will tell the person you are on a date with something about yourself. Purchase the three items, but don't allow one another to see the items until dinner.

At dinner, exchange bags and try to guess what the other is trying to tell you. This will give you plenty of things to talk about over your dinner date. MAKE IT FUN!

This one also works great for the married couple who can't seem to find the right words to say in a conflict situation.

Get the items that explain to your spouse what you want them to understand. At dinner let them try and guess what you are trying to say with the items.

Keep it lighthearted and as fun as possible and you just may find you are able to get what is on your heart across.

One thing is certain, you will have the undivided attention of your spouse.

"Outback" Dinner & Dance Dating Idea

Not "Outback", the restaraunt! Outback, at your house or apartment.

For this creative date, hang a few white Christmas lights across the back yard of the house. You can even use extension cords and inexpensive lamps or candles. Whatever inexpensively sets the right ambience for the evening.

Decide together to bring your favorite romantic love songs to the table for the evening. Plan the dinner date together and eat out under the stars around a nicely draped table setting.

After the meal, spend the rest of the evening discovering the music that each one of you brings to the table. Dance the night away and build relationship memories that will last a lifetime.

Let's Make a Deal Dating Idea

This works great if you just can't decide what to do or you don't know the person you have the date with well enough to know what they may prefer to do.

Create three different signs that state "Door # 1", "Door # 2" and "Door # 3".

As the date begins, ask your date to choose a door, in this case, sign. Let them know what is on the other side of the sign as options.

This will prevent you from appearing like you don't know what to do on the date and actually shows him/her that you had the dating intelligence to put together several ideas for the evening.

Creative Love Poem Dating Idea

Guys, this is a charmer and works wonderfully after you have dated for a while. Works well for singles or married couples who long for a special date night together.

Start off by giving her a rose when you pick her up on your date night. Use a ribbon to tie a brief love poem around the stem of the rose. Be creative and funny. Don't be afraid to add humor to your creative dating ideas.

Let the love poem be a lead-in clue to another love poem that you have place on the car door handle. This love poem will also be a creative clue to another poem you have hidden elsewhere in the car.

Wait until you drive off before she finds this love note. It gives the clue to the final love poem that you have placed in the trunk of the car. You will have to stop for her to get out and open the trunk.

The final love note is tied to another rose stating how glad you are to be seen around town with such a prize as her.

It works great and she will treasure you for your creativity.

This is only the beginning of the creative ideas that will be available on this site. We will be adding links below for some categorical themes of great ideas AND other romantic intelligence listings.

One of the greatest recommendations I can give you for some of the best creative dating ideas on the Net is this Oprah experts 300 Creative Dates - The World's Most Romantic, Unique and Fun Dating Ideas.

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