Relationships, Dating Christians and Religious Differences:

The Role of FAITH in Relationships

Is dating Christians or religious differences an issue in the foundation of meaningful relationships?

What role does faith and religion have in relationships and marriage?

I have heard these type questions over and over for years.

Should I get relationally involved with someone who does not consider church or faith important?

Is marriage richer through spiritual compatibility?

Why should I concern myself with religious concerns or spiritual compatibility anyway?

Now, I know that the issue of religious differences is an important one, but I hope to convey some things to you that you may not have considered regarding this issue of the Holy.

I want you to see that it is more than just issues about dating Christians or religious differences in relationships.

This site, together with our e-book, help elevate the value found in connecting on four very important core levels. Together, both these resources answer some of these questions.

In the e-book, "How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime," you will find out exactly what I mean by HOLY CONNECTION within The FOUR-H FORMULA!

If intelligent matching for compatible singles and falling in love for all the right reasons sounds good to you, read on.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren is a nationally acclaimed speaker and author about lasting love relationship building. He has developed an online community for building relationships on character, values, Christian principles and the right personality profile to match your own.

How about an entire Network for Christian Singles? Christian relationship advice and insight for single dating Christians is the heart, focus, passion and mission of this online network for Christian singles and dating resources.

This Singles dating network has been actively introducing Christian singles to other Christian singles since 1991. They also have a wonderful supply of articles with some great Christian relationship advice to help offer relationship direction and counsel for their members.


Another site with relationship enrichment and insight for dating Christians to discover is the following site for real christian singles. This site helps Christian singles form relationships and maybe even find true love. It goes beyond the ordinary dating site and helps singles establish friendships with other Christian singles from around the world. These friendships lead many to enrichment in life and many more to companionship and lasting love.


For one of the most resourceful websites packed full of topical content that is sure to provide you hours of resource information on dating for Christian singles, be sure and check out the wealth of singles insight David Butler provides. Here is his hugely popular website for Christian singles:
Christian Singles Dating Reviews and Dating Tips


Is a holy connection really that important?

Should we allow religious differences to even be an issue when dating or building our relationships?

When dating, should people go outside their faith?

Here are some things covered in the e-book:

  • Are religious matters really that big of and issue
  • Does the influence of faith in life help or hurt relationships
  • What role does faith play in relationships or does it really even have a role
  • Why what we believe can have positive or negative effects on our relationships
  • The one influence our lives need in order to have blissful relationships
  • Action steps you can take to better understand faith issues in life and it's connection with relationships

How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights
and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime

Find out for yourself why the popular trend of chasing desire and night of a lifetime relationships fails to satisfy the longing of the heart for love, companionship, oneness and intimacy.

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