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The desire for finding love and lasting relationships is an on-going passion for most people in our society. However, it is still a challenge for many, and building love to last a lifetime is even a greater challenge.

This desire for finding love relationships that have depth and meaning gave birth to the resource book titled,

How to Be Wanted for a Lifetime of Nights
and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime

This is the book that started it all!

The information contained in this relationship book helps the reader in their quest for finding love that last.

This book has been a resource tool since its inception for individuals, parents and youth organizations to help navigate a path through all the relationship confusion that abounds today. After all, finding love and relationships that last a lifetime is a noble pursuit.

Finding love that will last a lifetime instead of only a night is the greatest longing of our heart. It is our belief that finding love for a lifetime is what we are destined for.

We also believe that this message about finding love that last just might be the message needed to make a difference in the lives of many all over the world.

This book is now a PDF Ebook you can download and read right there on your computer. You can grab your copy of this special PDF Ebook today by clicking this link How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime

300 Creative Dates

I remember struggling with confidence during my early dating years. This lack of confidence to approach the opposite sex created a lot of lonely times in my life. I simply had not yet discovered that familiarity gives birth to confidence.

What do I mean?

When I finally decided to become more creative about the many different types of dating opportunities available, my confidence began to soar. I went throughout the city where I lived and researched what places would be idea for really great and creative dates. This is one of the best gifts I ever gave my relationships.

You can do this now the easy way.

Romantic expert and Best-Selling Author Michael Webb, seen on Oprah and hundreds of other media programs, has developed a resource that has helped thousands discover their creativity in dating. 300 Creative Dates will not only help you be less boring when dating, it will help give you a creative edge that will cause your confidence to soar.

Give your life and relationships the gift of creative dating.

1000 Questions For Couples received this book review from Pat Stevens.

Questions, Questions and More Questions

by Pat Stevens

After you have had a few dates with someone and you think it might be going somewhere, you begin to ask more serious questions about their childhood, family, job etc.

Eventually the relationship might progress to where the really tough questions must be asked. There is no easy way to bring up these questions.

Recently, I received a copy of Michael Webb's newest book, 1000 Questions for Couples: What you absolutely must know about the person you are with. This book is going to make those difficult questions much easier to ask.

The questions start off easy like "Has anyone dear to you died? How did you handle it" and "About what things are you most selfish." They slowly progress (just like your relationship should) until you get to those questions that you simply can't avoid if you are going to commit your life to living with someone. There are questions on drug addictions, abuse, child rearing, finances and lots of questions about sex. And because these questions are coming from a book, you don't feel like "you" are asking them.

A special bonus that I really liked was the option to get 3-5 of the book's questions emailed to me each day. That way I could forward the questions on to my beloved and we could each read over them and forward the answers to each other that night. I can see where this would be very valuable for those in long distance relationships.

While there are a lot of questions in this book that are crucial for couples in the dating stage, the majority of the questions are useful for people who are already married. If you value your relationship, I urge you to ask these 1000 Questions For Couples

The Coffee Shop
of Make-Believe


You ever wish you could sit down with someone you admire for the way they enrich the lives of others?

You ever see people of influence and wish you had the chance to learn about life from their perspective?

Have you ever known anyone without whom the world would be a darker place?

That's what this e-book is about.

It takes us into the world of cyberspace technology, where at the click of a mouse, we can all pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and get to know several guests of, The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe.

These guests are among the greatest lights currently shining in the world, and our presence together in "The Coffee Shop" becomes, "Sugar For My Coffee".

I like to close all my writings with this segment.

I've picked out some of the best for you. I hope the sugar is sweet for you as you journey through this All-Star collection from our series, "Sugar For My Coffee" in "The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe".

**SPECIAL** - This is also, FOR A LIMITED TIME, one of the FREE resources our site offers. It's all yours when you subscribe to our Coffee Shop of Make-Believe Newsletter

The resources listed above that I have been blessed to write were inspired and derived from the ebook, "Make Your Knowledge Sell". CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!
Now, it's even FREE!

I can't believe it's FREE now! I paid $54.95 for this when I purchased it. If you have ever considered creating an online business or presence, or wondered how to write and offer your very own ebook for sale online, you should run and not walk to this resource. I can't say enough about the OVER-DELIVERY of information and how-to-do-it steps Ken Evoy and Monique Harris reveal in Make Your Knowledge Sale.

Without this ebook, my book about finding love that last would have never launched. For that matter, none of my resources (including this website) would have ever hit the launch-pad.

Thank you Ken and Monique

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