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10 Easy Ways to Keep Your Wife from Falling Prey to Christian Grey

How the Movie Saving Private Ryan Just Could Save You from Pornography Addictions and Adultery

Is Your Spouse Enough?

Losing Our Reality in a Sea of Sex and Sensuality

Where are All the REAL Men and REAL Gentlemens Clubs?

Elvis, and Life Lessons on Love, Sex and Relationships

Sex and The Value of the Dollar

Definition of Marriage - A Couple Committed to Relentless Pursuit of One Another for Life

The Next Time You Jump into Bed with Someone, Take Along a Parachute

The ZIPPER and the ZAPPER - Don't Get Burned in Love, Sex and Lasting Relationships

HOLY HEDONISM - Sex Has Come Out of the Christian Closet

The Last Act of a Desperate Artist

Make Your Marriage A Legacy, Not a New Year's Resolution

Sex: It's Different For Men

The SURGE of the URGE

Girls Gone MILD

He Never Knew What CommitMEANT


Victoria's Secret Disclosed!

SMUT Spelled Backwards Is TUMS


Everything I Know About Relationship Success I Learned At The Playground

Cut Cupid Some Slack

Identity Theft - Defining Who We Are

Leading With The Body

Letter To The President

Love Connections - How Wonderful They Are

The Informal Normal in a Black-Tie-Affair World

The Comedy Clip Relationship

If you are a follower of our Newsletter, "Sugar For My Coffee", you are no stranger to the segment, "Journey With Jessica". Sharing her heart from the perspective of a wife and mother, we trust the life and relationship articles below will be heartwarming and insightful.

Happy In Your Own Skin

One of THOSE Days

Props To Parents

White Knights, Glass Slippers and Other Romantic Myths


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1: Losing Our Reality in a Sea of Sex and Sensuality

2: Where are the Real Men and Real Gentlemens Clubs?

3: Sex and the Value of the Dollar

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