Getting Back With Your Ex and Surviving a Breakup When You Just Want to Make Up

Getting back with your ex and surviving a breakup after losing your boyfriend or girlfriend is something broken hearts around the world struggle with. Getting over a broken heart lyrics in sad love poems or love songs remind us often how getting back together fast with someone you love can be all you think about. If you're reading this and surviving a breakup when you really just want to make up, I think you'll find this article helpful in your journey to healing faster.

Love Can Be Fragile

The young couple walked toward our table as if they didn't have a worry in the world. My wife and I guessed their ages to be around sixteen or seventeen. Being a teenager in love can be risky, well, being in love at any age can be risky.

As the young couple turned our way, you could just sense that the young lady believed she was the young man's one-and-only-for-all-time love interest. With a firm grip on his bicep showing pride in her prize they passed our table. We almost fell out of our chairs as our eyes fell upon the solid black t-shirt her boyfriend was wearing. In big, bright white letters against all that black fabric it read,


Love can be so very, very fragile!

Coping Can Be Fragile, Too

Surviving relationship loss or a marriage split can feel like your world has just ended. Getting back with your ex can dominate your thoughts and actions. So, how does one go about surviving a breakup and healing from the hurt?

Whether your plan is getting back with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend or getting over your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, here are a few thoughts to help you better understand what actions you can take as you work through the grief of a breakup.

  1. Don't beat yourself up for feeling like you just stepped out in front of a bus. None of us do well dealing with heartbreak.
  2. If getting back with your ex is important to you, don't call, text, email, tweet or stalk them on social media platforms just to see if there are any signs of hope. Any contacting should come from the one doing the breaking up. If you have to, change your telephone number to settle your expectations of receiving a call that may not come.
  3. Find those special friends you misplaced because of being so lost in love.
  4. You have a better chance of healing faster if you know you demonstrated dignity through all this, and believe it or not, showing strength can make your boyfriend or girlfriend wonder if breaking up with you was the right thing to do.
  5. Don't breakup with yourself. Getting down on you and blaming yourself will cause you to overlook one of the most important truths in a breakup. Two fragile hearts are always involved in love and both are responsible if it ends.
  6. Look around you at all those who have won at love. Most of them have lost at love, too, and have felt your same pain. There really is hope beyond the pain you feel today.
  7. Time apart can often help you better know if it really was time to breakup. Trying to keep the dream alive when it is a nightmare are very common things in love and relationships. Some never realize this until they are married going through a divorce.
  8. Mending a broken heart and surviving a breakup takes time. Someday the pain you feel today will be a distant memory, and more people are pulling for you than you can know.

I, too, have stood where you now stand and felt your pain. All this you are facing could just be a hurdle both of you are facing in your relationship, and over time your heart can experience some of the magic of making up that you long for now. Getting back with your ex may happen, but until you know this for sure, I wish healing for your heart in what you've read here.

If you're looking for information about getting back with your ex, I recommend you check out, "The Magic of Making Up." (CLICK BOOK COVER) It has been the highest rated and most successful system of its kind for years. It will help you:

  • Better understand why your relationship ended
  • Make sense of it all and get your head on straight
  • Know your own involvement in the breakup
  • Give you a plan for reigniting the spark of passion and desire
  • Teach you how others can help bring you and your ex back together
  • Show you how to ease back in and strengthen your love
  • Help you move into your future without dwelling on the past
  • Show you how to move on with grace when your relationship can't be saved
  • Help you better know if your relationship is worth fixing

    As you can see, Magic of Making Up touches on so much about getting back with your ex. Thousands have successfully used it to manage the emotional waters and challenges of a breakup.

    Surviving a breakup is never an easy thing to do, but there really are ways to get through it. I wish you strength and renewal as you walk through this into a new future for yourself.

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