Grab that Groom and Get a Grip Bride

by Stan & Jessica

These were two pictures spontaneously taken on our wedding day that we have been asked over and over again what was going on in them.

Picture on the Left: GRAB THAT GROOM

Having an outdoor wedding provided very little concealment during the beginning moments of the ceremony where friends and family were being escorted to their seats.

In a fun-loving moment, I, the Groom, acted as if I had cold feet and was getting ready to run. In spontaneous playfulness the Best Man and the Minister performing the ceremony reached out and grabbed me as if they were preventing my escape. The photographer standing close by snapped the shot and gave us this playful moment captured in time.

Picture on the right: GET A GRIP BRIDE

Again, in total spontaneous playfulness, this picture was taken just prior to the ceremony beginning.

We had both chosen to come up with our own wedding vows for the ceremony instead of using the traditional wedding vows shared by the minister. Neither one of us realized how much pressure and stress that one decision was going to add to our wedding day.

The fun-loving moment seen by this picture took place as we were getting closer to the start of the wedding. With playful hearts, the three of us laughed as the Bride tossed up her bouquet like you see students so often do in a graduation ceremony. The photographer captured this fun moment of all of us releasing some stress and nervousness before the upcoming wedding ceremony.

Both of these are among our favorite pictures from our wedding.

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