How to Make Your Wedding Anniversaries Memorable

by Florence Jones

For most couples, their wedding day is the best day of their lives, a momentous event celebrated with the closest of their friends and family. It is the day when their lives are changed forever, a time to forget the life that was to start a new one together. Therefore, it is only fitting that the day be remembered each year, to once again celebrate and perhaps ponder a bit on why it has lasted this long but happily not complaining about it.

It is for this reason alone that wedding anniversaries deserve to be celebrated in a memorable way. The more anniversaries you celebrate together is an indication of how deep and strong your love has become over the years and as such, deserve to be an occasion you won’t easily forget since every year is a renewal of your commitment to one another.

There are many ways by which you can celebrate your wedding anniversary but to think of something unique and truly one that you won’t forget can be a challenge. But drawing from experience, the best wedding anniversaries are always those celebrated with a hint of nostalgia and lots of mementos. This is perhaps why couples love to save their wedding day mementos, so that they could bring them out on each anniversary and remember that special day.

A particular favorite of many newly-wedded couples is to save the top layer of their wedding cake. You can serve this to one another as desert after having your first anniversary dinner along with a desert wine from a country you would like to visit or have visited. You can also decorate the table using your dried wedding bouquet as a centerpiece.

If you and your significant other lead hectic lives, your anniversary may be the best time to take off for the weekend to spend some time alone together and to re-assess where you are now and where you will be in a few years time. This may also be the best time to do something special that will renew your commitment to each other. You may also want to go to where you spent your first honeymoon or someplace you’ve always wanted to visit as a married couple.

Starting new traditions on your wedding anniversary is also one way to make it very memorable. Try to capture the best moments of your lives together by coming up with a time capsule for every year of your life together but just remember not to bury it. Things that you can put in the time capsule can include that day’s newspaper, your current favorites like songs, movies, TV shows or restaurants, your horoscopes and photos of you two together and any highlights of the past year – job change, new baby, new house, new car, etc.

If parties are your thing, you can plan a party theme centered on things that are significant to you as a couple. For example, if you met during the winter season, you could probably come up with a winter wonderland theme or if you met at a movie theatre, you can come up with a costume party where you and your guests are dressed as characters from the biggest hit movie on the year you met or the first movie you ever watched as a couple.

As for your wedding anniversary gifts, you can request that no gifts be given if you don’t want your guests to feel obligated to bring a gift and choose to have them donate a certain amount to your favorite charity instead. You can take a family portrait for each year you celebrate your anniversary and keep a scrapbook or journal of the event as the day will come when you won’t remember what gifts you got or how you celebrated each of your anniversaries so you will be thankful that you saved these memories somehow.

Wedding anniversaries are not just a way to remember the past years you’ve been together. It is also a testament of how deep and strong your love has become for each other and how much more you are willing to love and commit to each other in the years to come. Make sure you celebrate each year in a memorable and unique way to be able to truly say that you lived a happy life in love.

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