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"Help...My Husband Looks
at Other Women"

I’m going to show you an
and move him to FIX HIS EYES SECURELY ON YOU ...

Plus I’m going to show you that
it is already PART OF A WOMAN’S RELATIONAL DNA to do so...

That’s right! You....his WIFE....already hold the secret it takes to ROCKET YOUR HUSBAND’S HEART and INSPIRE him to MONOGAMOUS EYES that come from


When your husband looks at other women, how do you handle it?

You know how it usually goes. You’re out on a date with your husband and his eyes seem to wander to the blonde with the low-cut top sitting nearby or the redhead sashaying by your table.

You find yourself wanting to S C R E A M,

Trying not to make a scene, though, you do what you always do when your husband looks at other women. You suffer silently and blow it off, but on the inside those thoughts once again go through your head;

“I’m not unattractive, so why do I
always seem to be competing for
my husband’s attention?”

Inside you find it despicable!

Inside you find it disturbing!

Inside you find it disheartening!

Those same old feelings of frustration begin to surface!

You start wondering if you will ever be enough.


My Boyfriend looks at
other women, too….

"Why can't my boyfriend stop staring at other women?" is on the hearts and minds of single women, too.

If you’re single and your boyfriend can’t stop looking at other women, you start wondering if you’re dating a real jerk or if you are just reading way too much into your boyfriend’s wandering eyes.

If you're single and your boyfriend looks at other women, there are some things you can do about it when you have the right information. But, please, please don't overlook that the husbands of the married women going through this were boyfriends before they became husbands.

It is wise to find out as much as you can about this now, so you don't carry unresolved concerns about it into a marriage.     

“Is My Relationship
in Trouble?”

Many women can’t help wondering if their husband looks at other women because he is unhappy in his marriage, not satisfied with her, or their relationship is spiraling out of control.

They wonder if it is a sign their marriage is in trouble.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself if your husband looks at other women that will help you know if it is URGENT that you act quickly to protect or save your relationship.

  1. Does he seem to want more space when you are out together or show less public affection for you?
  2. Has your husband's looks at other become more frequent in the last few weeks or months?
  3. Has he moved beyond just looking to flirting and/or making comments about how “hot” some of these women look?
  4. Has his criticism of how you look become more frequent or more harsh?
  5. Does he seem to show less interest in you even in private?

If you can't sincerely give a “NO” response to questions like these I would seek any and all help I could and as fast as I could.

Even if your relationship doesn’t dissolve it can lead to your husband’s use and abuse of pornography and/or a decrease of sexual desire and satisfaction with YOU his wife.


Denalyn's Story

Maybe you are like Denalyn.

Early in her marriage Denalyn started to feel like a fool about the looks her husband was giving to other women. As she thought back on their relationship, the tale-tale signs were all there when they were dating, but she had brushed them off as him just needing to relationally mature.

Once they married she believed things would change and he would stop staring at other women so much. Now, a couple years into their marriage, things are worse than ever. When they go out, they hardly get through an evening without him losing his focus on other women.

Every time she confronts him about it, he either denies it or he turns it right back on her that she shouldn’t be so jealous. She sometimes cries herself to sleep at night wishing he could understand some of the betrayal she feels, and wondering why the CONNECTION she so longs for has never been a reality in their marriage.

Carol's Story

Or, maybe you’re like Carol.

Carol always thought women were just insecure and were letting it bother them too much that their men looked at other women. She didn't think what a man did with his eyes was that big of a deal.

When she met William she couldn’t believe her good fortune. He was everything she had always hoped for in a guy. They started dating and she found her affection for him growing with each passing day.  By this time in her life she was settled in her career and considered herself to be a person of high self-esteem and confidence.

She noticed right from the start that William checked out other women when they went out on dates, but being secure in herself she just didn’t let it affect their time together. She accepted it as something all men do and let it go at that.

A little over a year into their marriage, she noticed William was becoming less attentive to her and more attentive to staring at other women. Shortly after their first year of marriage he walked out on her for another woman. In the aftermath Carol discovered later that he had been totally addicted to porn for several years.

Reflecting on all this through her pain, she found herself thinking that maybe there is more to what a man does with his eyes than she first realized. Maybe what a man does with his eyes says more about him than she originally believed.


No More Silent Suffering

Ladies, wouldn't it be great to not have to live with your husband always looking at other women when you are around?


Wouldn't it be great to not have to worry or wonder what he does with his eyes when you’re not around?


Just Imagine…

  • No more confrontation battles
  • No more silent suffering
  • No more feelings of rejection
  • No more denials from him that he wasn’t looking at other women
  • No more feelings of worthlessness or comparing yourself to  other women
  • No more lame excuses from your man like:

All men look!
It’s just in a man’s nature
to look at other women!”

“Just because I’m not eating doesn’t mean
I can’t still look at the menu.”

“Why are women so insecure and jealous?”

These are the type of excuses women all around the world are getting from their husbands who can't stop looking at other women.


Wait, there's a better way!

  • Ladies, you can inspire your man to a deep love of YOU, and ONLY YOU!
  • You can make him so laser focused on you that he will not even let himself think about other women!
  • YOU can so charge his heart that you make his eyes (and his heart) want to see only you!
  • You can make him so loyal to you that every other girl on the planet crossing his path virtually disappears!
  • You can become the indescribable woman in your man's life you've always wanted to be!


It's really very simple...


It isn't the norm...

It isn't commonly known...

It isn't practiced or understood by most women...

So, what's a girl to do?

You have to get him to turn on the right switch in his own mind.

There are some things he needs to notice that can have you living
BIG in his world and other women living small.

There are some things you need to establish that can have him less interested in ogling other women

What a Woman So Longs For

  • A woman's heart wants the love and security of knowing she is the apple in her man's eye.
  • A woman wants her husband's vision for his marriage to be more important to him than the next "hot" girl walking by.
  • A woman wants the rest and peace that comes from knowing the foundation she is building her life on is a place of safety and security for her heart.
  • A woman wants to see her man's HEART LEADING HIS EYES and not his EYES LEADING HIS HEART.
  • A woman wants her man to make her feel that the love he has for her is a SAFE PLACE for the love she has for him.


Ladies, you can have him chasing YOU, flirting with YOU, thinking longingly of YOU and wanting only YOU in his heart and in his eyes.

You can get so deep into him that his heart blocks out those little distractions of other women so many men fawn over!

You can make him adore YOU and ONLY YOU!


Men are notorious for being able to touch a woman's body but not touch her heart.

Men are notorious at letting their hearts get married while their eyes still "play the field."

Men are notorious for running to beauty that is fleeting with their eyes and fleeing from beauty that is lasting with their hearts.

But YOU can make his heart and his eyes connect with the powerful, intelligent, beautiful and irresistible woman standing in front of him - YOU!

You can make him passionate, connected and present with his heart AND with his eyes!

Don't settle for a relationship where your husband looks at other women and makes you feel less than enough!

Don't settle for being the woman he comes home to but whose eyes went home with all the other women he visually obsessed over in his day!

Don't just accept it as being, "just the way it is" that he hangs out at his computer getting his nightly porn fix!

You are of greater worth than that!

You are more deserving than that!

You deserve a relationship that has your husband's heart AND his eyes focused on you every day!


If your husband looks at other women, get ready for some eye-opening insights on this subject. The right information can equip a woman with what she needs to help make looking at other women have less of a pull on her man's life.


Ladies, it’s time to use those things that are already part of a woman’s relational DNA for nurturing deep relationships to...

Capture His Heart and Elevate Your Value in His Eyes

It’s time to use the POWER a woman naturally has for relational nurturing to connect your husband’s eyes with his heart.

We can show you how to help make...


Some of What's Inside

The eyes of a man so easily betray his heart! They have him distancing himself from his world with his wife while he plays closeness with women distant from his world. pg. 45

If our daughters didn't grow up watching the value men place on looking at women like they do, perhaps more of them wouldn't grow up using their bodies to be valued like they do. pg. 96

STOP doing the things that DON’T WORK! Things like:

  • Confrontational challenges and demands that he stop looking at other women
  • Embarrassing him in front of the girls he is staring at
  • Lecturing and threatening him to get him to listen
  • Letting it go and pretending he’s not doing it
  • Pleading with him to stop looking at other women in front of you
  • Secretly sulking and suffering while giving him the silent treatment

What men are so often given by their girlfriends or wives is the incorrect assumption that confrontation will motivate change.

When a husband looks at other women and his wife confronts him for it long enough, her hope is that he will stop doing the bad behavior and comply with her wishes.


Confrontation simply stifles the bad behavior.

It is a temporary fix where compliance is granted in order to eliminate more confrontation.

In many cases, it just makes the man more determined to gawk and stare at other women.

Yes, I do understand the desire to
strike a knee to the groin...

But, a knee to the groin is just another form of confrontation.

It might feel good to the woman whose husband looks at other women to knock certain body parts up to his Adam’s Apple; it might even change his actions while he’s out with his wife, BUT IT WON’T CHANGE HIS HEART.

A man confronted doesn’t stop;
he often just goes into “Secret Agent Man” mode and feeds his visual appetites under the radar.

Is this what women really want?


What women really want is a man with...

Monogamous Eyes that
Come from a Monogamous Heart

Get ready for the most comprehensive and detailed information resources of its kind on this subject of why a husband looks at other women.

You will not find a resource like this anywhere, and it is one that will shake the very foundations of what people often accept and believe about why a husband looks at other women.

This Husband Stop Looking System is written by an author with a decade of writing experience on the subject of lasting relationships. An author who recognizes a very important reality often overlooked when discussing what to do when your husband looks at other women.

That reality is...

...there are way too many men spinning their wheels pouring energy into superficial fantasies fueled by their eyes instead of GETTING ON WITH THE BUSINESS OF DEEPLY LOVING THEIR WIVES.

Imagine right now...

Being on dates with your husband and experiencing that he is giving you the gift of HEART and EYES at home so you are able to...

  • Fully blossom in life without the constant feelings of competition and comparisons
  • Not have to live your life in constant fear of quicksand commitment
  • Know you are the one living large in his heart and other women are living small
  • Be confident the foundations of your life don’t have a glass bottom that could break at any moment sinking all your plans into the abyss below
  • Not have to be living in unsettled fear of getting your heart broken
  • Fully give your heart to establishing the family life you've always dreamed of without reservation

This is really what women want and what we’re talking about isn’t it?

It’s more than just requiring her husband to stop looking at other women, it is INSPIRING him to change the CONTENT of his HEART which leads to HIM changing the INTENT of his EYES.

It's about bringing him to a place where HIS HEART begins LEADING HIS EYES instead of his eyes leading his heart.

The Best Part of it All is...

  • You don’t have to try to be more like the women he stares at to get your husband to stop looking at other women
  • You now don’t have to wonder if a little weight gain on you is the reason your husband looks at other women
  • Your kid’s hearts sense a change for the better in the atmosphere of their home life
  • Other people are starting to comment about how you and your husband look so in love
  • Passion in the bedroom has never been so good

Here is just a little of what is
covered in this one-of-a-kind...


We will show you 7 types of men and what they teach us about men and their wandering eyes.

Chances are really great that you are dating or married to one of these seven types of men and don't even know it. Getting familiar with these seven types of men will go a long way at helping a wife/girlfriend better understand the man in her life and his wandering eyes. It will help her better understand why her husband looks at other women so much.

More of What's Inside

Men often use the "Men Are Visual" card as if that gives them a "Get Out of Jail Free" card for their wandering eyes. Being visual doesn't free a man to be irresponsible with the heart of the woman he holds in his hands. pg. 16

Visual interests in a woman's beauty is natural, necessary, and part of the human experience for a man, but wise is the man funneling that natural wiring into the circuit board of life supplying light, life and energy to his heart – HIS WIFE. pg. 25

We'll also talk about:

  • The one thing a man turns on in his head as he starts his day that makes him more likely to ogle women pg. 27
  • Why “no harm in looking as long as he comes home to me” is a bad excuse for when a husband looks at other women pg. 13
  • Why stopping a man from looking at other women is not the objective a woman is really looking for pg. 49
  • Why a woman struggles so much when her husband looks at other women pg. 12
  • Why the excuse, “Just because I’m not eating doesn’t mean I can’t still look at the menu” has made husbands bologna connoisseurs in a world surrounded by steak pg. 21
  • Why a woman’s heart can be what leads her eyes astray but it’s often a man’s eyes that leads astray his heart pg. 14
  • Why a woman’s weight gain is not the real reason her husband looks at other women pg. 15
  • The one thing a man craves from his wife more than SEX pgs. 64 - 65
  • Why being an enabler and pointing them out to him is the dream of every man but the nightmare of every woman pg. 18
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Husbands Who Do Not Ogle Other Women pgs. 94 - 123
  • Five reasons it matters to women that their husband looks at other women pgs. 32 – 36
  • The awesome power of a woman’s RELATIONAL DNA that she can use to get her husband to stop looking at other women pg. 5
  • What couples must commit to if they want to experience real abiding intimacy in their marriage pgs. 73-76
  • Why the heart of a man will indulge in what he gives it an appetite for pg. 36
  • Why boundaries matter and are often a big reason women feel so frustrated that their husband looks at other women pg. 39
  • Why changing the behavior contributing to her pain is not as important as changing the heart contributing to the behavior pg. 50
  • Why a woman absolutely MUST inspire in her man a deep appreciation for love and legacy to get him to stop looking at other women pg. 57
  • Why pornography has such a pull on men and what his wife can give him that can help release its grip on his life pg. 65
  • Why men are so prone to ogle women, chase after the physical and miss deeply connecting with their wives pg. 91
  • Why what we ELEVATE becomes what we CELEBRATE and what we PUT DOWN becomes what we KICK AROUND (devalue) pg. 125
  • 29 powerful reasons husbands should stop looking at other women and things a wife needs to know if her husband looks at other women pgs. 93-98

How Much Is This One-of-a-Kind
Product Going to Cost Me?

Before I answer that, let me ask you some questions…

How much is not having this resource already costing you? I guarantee it’s more than what you’ll pay for it!

  • ~ Frustration that your husband looks at other women
  • ~ Feelings of anger and resentment
  • ~ Struggles with your own self image because your husband looks at other women
  • ~ Uncertainties about the security of your relationship
  • ~ Battleground moments in your relationship that leave you both in despair

This product will SAVE you more than it will cost you!

There are couples who battle with this for years until their relationships end with great resentment and heartbreak. Not to mention the heartbreak and resentment they feel in their everyday journey together. I've seen it rip couples apart when a husband looks at other women, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

How much is the cost of a one hour session with a marriage counselor where you live?

~ The rate where I’m from starts at $100 - $150 an hour

~ Since most marriage counselors see couples one session a week for the first three months, you can expect to pay about $1200 in that period of time if it's at about $100/hr.

If you get this resource and at the end of the day to day connection with your husband is hope, harmony and healing where discord, discouragement and drama used to exist over this issue of why do men look at other women, did it really cost you anything?

~ There’s no price tag you can put on a happy marriage

~ Having a husband whose eyes are in tune with his heart to be supercharged by his wife – YOU, is worth just about anything.

A husband with monogamous eyes coming from a monogamous heart just sounds good doesn’t it?

This product will not cost you $1,200!

It will not cost you a $100 session fee with a Counselor!

I’m not even going to charge half of that $100.

You get this one-of-a-kind resource
for only

Most Weddings cost between $7,000 - $20,000 just to get Two becoming One started. $37.00 is just a drop in the bucket in comparison to help keep Two becoming One going.

When you invest in your relationship with, "How to Inspire Your Husband to Stop LOOKING at Other Women," here is what you get in this HUSBAND STOP LOOKING SYSTEM.

You get, "How to Inspire Your Husband to Stop Looking at Other Women."  Plus, you get the THREE VOLUME set of 240 "Reflections on Marriage, Men and their Wandering Eyes."  These resources will help a woman better understand her own feelings about this issue, and better help her know what to say to her husband.

You also get FIVE fabulous SUPER BONUSES bringing the value of this HUSBAND STOP LOOKING SYSTEM to over $200.00


When you claim this special resource,

"How to Inspire Your Husband
to Stop LOOKING at Other Women"

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No hidden charges
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You have our100% Money-Back Guarantee

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It is important that you are satisfied with this investment of, "How to Inspire Your Husband to Stop LOOKING at Other Women." This is why I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If you are not happy with this product, you have 8-weeks from date of your purchase to let me know and you will be refunded 100% of your purchase price.

If your husband looks at other women and monogamous eyes that come from a monogamous sounds great to you, this resource can help you change his heart forever. It can help you work through all the emotion this issue brings into your own life.

"Why does my husband look at other women so much?" can be one of the most difficult questions to get an answer for that women face. Decide, NOW, to stop it from being an issue in your life and relationship! This "Husband Stop Looking System" can equip and empower you if your husband looks at other women. 

Your Price: $37.00

People all around the world are INVESTING in their relationships with this HUSBAND STOP LOOKING SYSTEM

P. S. "Help! My husband looks at other women!" doesn't have to be a constant source of strife in your relationship. You really can become so big in his heart that other women become small in his eyes. Get started on that journey, today!

P. S. S. I'm really pleased at the number of men also purchasing this "Husband Stop Looking System." I'm not surprised! I have found a lot of men are working through this and trying to find the right answers. This is one of those products I wish had been available as I was finding my way through it all. Way to go men!

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"How to INSPIRE Your Husband to
STOP LOOKING at Other Women"

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