I Just Want to Lay You Down

by B

OK, I'm only 34, but my favorite romantic song and I know it's gonna sound silly, but it is "I Just Want to Lay You Down" by Conway Twitty.

The first part of the song got my attention

"There's a lot of ways of saying
What I wanna say to you
There's songs and poems and promises
And dreams that might come true
But I won't talk of starry skies
Or moonlight on the ground
I'll just come right out and tell you
I'd just love to lay you down"

I guess it made me sit up and listen cause I am the hopeless romantic that loves to write poems and make silly promises, but its later in the song that really touches a special place in my heart because it is how I feel about the love of my life and it takes away the silly poems and unfulfilled promises and just says the truth.

"When a whole lot of Decembers
Are showin' in your face
Your auburn hair has faded
And silver takes it's place
You'll be just as lovely and I'll still be around
And if I can I know that
I'd still just love to lay you down"

My honey and I met about 11 years ago and neither one of us had any signs of silver (not the case now), but I remember thinking how beautiful she would be with silver in her hair. Just the other day the song came on and I looked over at her and sure enough there was a very small silver streak just starting to appear and I just fell in love all over again.

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