Is Your Spouse Enough?

by Stanley J. Leffew

Is your spouse enough?

You ever notice culture places a lot of emphasis on sexual consent? The problem culture has, though, is in putting an S where a T belongs. Love, sex and relationships are not fully lived and enjoyed until we understand the value of sexual con-T-ent over the cultural norm of sexual con-S-ent. Instead of CONSENTING adults it should be CONTENTING adults.

Is your spouse enough?

If I have you scratching your head about all this read on! I think you'll understand and be glad you did.

Marriage On the Rocks

My wife and I have watched so many of our friends throw in the towel on their marriages over the years. Somewhere along the way this concept of is your spouse enough never got answered or understood.

This year alone has been a challenging year for marriage. Times Magazine cover story asked the question, "Who Needs Marriage?" The New York Times also ran a column that got passed around different TV entertainment talk shows about how monogamy was out-dated and a ridiculous idea. That consent for infidelity should be both understood and allowed.

Marriage is a Rock

If we can only grasp the power and impact a life of content experienced in marriage embrace provides we would not be so easily swept away by life's little distractions. Distractions like vivacious Veronica swishing her soft and supple curves by our cubicle or Teddy the terrific tantalizing with his teasing talents.

Two becoming ONE speaks of years of life CONTENT together. Twelve years of marriage embrace with my wife has taught me the wealth a life of content with her brings to my life (CONTENT = life bank of memories, things shared, accomplishments together, establishing a home, children, visions, hopes, plans, celebrations, sorrows, losses, tears, sexual intimacy, ministry purpose, encouragement and support).

ENOUGH as used in this article does not mean the totality of human experience enough. Obviously, a spouse can't be oxygen for us, or food, or money, or water, or render God in our life unnecessary.

Don't miss that I'm talking about adding content to our lives to make our lives richer, not contentment to make us need nothing more.

If you think about it, you have to admit that your spouse adds content to your life. If you have children together, each one of those lovely kids add content to your life. Think how much less content (volume) your life would have if you lived in the house you live in all alone.

My use of ENOUGH in this article is a gentle reminder to us all to live life elevating in value what elevates our value in life.

Marriage Can Rock Your World

My wife and I just watched a movie that spoke to us in volumes about all this. The name of the movie was "The Adjustment Bureau."

In this movie, Matt Damon's character finds himself falling in love with a special lady. Weird things start happening, though, and he soon finds himself face to face with The Adjustment Bureau.

The Adjustment Bureau are unseen forces with a mission to stop his connection with this young lady from happening. After going through years of these forces blocking them from getting together it is finally revealed why. Damon asks one member of The Adjustment Bureau why they fought so hard to prevent them from getting together. The answer: "You are supposed to run for 4 different election terms and win, including the Presidency. If we allow you two to get together this never happens. SHE IS ENOUGH!"


She is ENOUGH!

He went on to explain that they couldn't allow them to get together because she will so fill his life with CONTENT that he will not need to chase all these other aspirations to fill fulfilled in life.

I think our spouse is supposed to be like the Snickers chocolate bar campaign of the 1980's and early 90's. "Snickers Really Satisfies!," said the famous slogan!

When it comes to our spouse we need this same mindset.


HE/SHE Really Satisfies!

So, I ask you to think about it, again. Is your spouse enough?

What we ELEVATE becomes what we CELEBRATE, so start elevating your spouse and you just might find yourself saying a very powerful yes to this question.

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by Stanley J. Leffew

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