Don't Get Burned in Love Sex and Lasting Relationships

by Stanley J. Leffew

When it comes to love, sex and lasting relationships, what can Bug Zappers show us? You may be surprised!

Ah, the crisp, fresh, gentle night air.

How well I remember those childhood nights of running across grassy meadows chasing lightening bugs.

Inevitably, I couldn't stop those nightly interruptions to my playful solitude.


Followed again by,


Smoke, a little flame, the aroma of fried bugs filtering through the air -I remember asking myself, "Why don't they just stop flying into those crazy things?"

You ever spend any time watching those Bug Zappers with ultraviolet lights that bugs just can't resist?

Do you know that when it comes to the body, relationships, and sex, they speak volumes?

I was again reminded of all this while watching the movie, "A Bug’s Life" with my, then, four-year old. You may remember the scene. There's a camping trailer in the distance with a light on the front porch as two bugs fly in the night, conversing in dialogue.

Bug 1 alarmingly screams at Bug 2,"Larry, no! Don't look at the light!"

Bug 2 states in slow motion, "I c-a-n'-t h-e-l-p i-t, i-t'-s j-u-s-t s-o b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l."


I did some research on Bug Zappers. Care to know what I found out?

A Bug Zapper, more formally known as an electronic insect-control system, lures bugs into it and kills them with electricity. They have fluorescent light bulbs, usually of mercury, neon or ultraviolet (black light). Two wire meshes surround the light bulb and are electrified with a transformer to kill the insects.

It works because many insects see ultraviolet light better than visible light. They are more attracted to it, because the flower patterns that attract insects are revealed in ultraviolet light.

Isn’t that interesting?

The Zapper appeals to a bug’s natural instinct and appetite, makes them feel that wrong is right, and then lures the bug into pain and misery by a fire that burns instead of a fire that warms.

Where am I going with this?

We do not talk about it much these days, but when it comes to the body, love, sex and relationships, there is a fire that warms and a fire that burns. Just like the bug being lured to the Zapper, many are beinglured by their natural instincts, confused by the misinformation that abounds, and then burned by the heat. There are many people that have not learned to control the zipper, and just like bugs, are getting burned by the zapper.

You see, when it comes to love, sex, and relationships, you need to know some things:

  • You are being seduced by an over-emphasis on the bedroom and the body
  • The heart longs to be wanted for a lifetime of nights and not just a night of a lifetime
  • Being full-of-brandy, eye candy and toys-for-boys is not where women get their value
  • When it comes to the body and relationships, "tuning in" will rock your world far more than "turning on" every time
  • You can chase desire if you wish, but the real longing of the heart is for love, companionship, oneness and intimacy
  • Living for the moment can cause you to miss the lifetime
  • The current trend of making sex more about recreation than relationship leaves you wanting
  • There is more to your body and sex than downloading 3 x 5 images into computer screens, marketed images in glossy pages of magazines, "Girls Gone Wild" videos and "Spring Break" parties

Without naming names, recent history has shown us many people of fame and notoriety who have gotten zzzzzzzzzaaappped. Maybe reading this will help you not be among them.

If you can get a grasp on these things, you will be on your way to better relationships and better sex. But if you are blind to these things, you could be next in line to be burned by the heat.

After all, When we learn to control the zipper, we have better control of the zapper.

©Copyright by Stanley J. Leffew

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