Seven Types of Men and What They Teach Us About Men and Their Wandering Eyes

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Seven Types of Men eCourse

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Here's Some of What's Inside

  1. PART ONE/DAY ONE - The Buzz Lightyear Man
    Millions of women are married to a Buzz Lightyear Man who will go to infinity and beyond in his self-appointed mission to look at other women. He makes looking at other women his mission in life.

  2. PART TWO/DAY TWO - The Mr. Potato Head Man
    What is your man putting into his head? Discover the one thing men put into their heads each day that will make them more likely to ogle women. Just like Mr. Potato Head, what men are putting into their heads will determine the kind of men they turn out to be.

  3. PART THREE/DAY THREE - The Peter Pan Man
    The Peter Pan Man is the little boy in men that never wants to grow up. His hybrid state of semi-hormonal adolescence has him loving many women with his eyes but not growing up enough to love one woman with his heart. Like Peter Pan, what he is doing with his life is only leaving behind the shadow of a boy.

  4. PART FOUR/DAY FOUR - The James Bond Man
    Society has made many men believe that being like James Bond is what real manhood is all about. Men are CONDITIONED to believe that chasing skirts and playing non-committed games with their sexuality is not only normal, it is a blissful state of existence to be envied and desired. This is a powerful CONDITIONING on the minds of so many men. Just like James Bond, these men are sexually undisciplined

  5. PART FIVE/DAY FIVE - The Fonz Man
    What does "The Fonz" have to say to "The Players" of the world? Not only will you be surprised what he might say, you'll understand better than ever why.

  6. PART SIX/DAY SIX - The Rubber Band Man
    Why is your man always blowing hot and cold on you? Why does his heart seem to say "I Do!" but his eyes always seem to be saying "I Do, but not Yet!"?

  7. PART SEVEN/DAY SEVEN - The Gilligan Man
    The Gilligan Man in this eCourse series is the man trapped on the deserted island of indulgence who can't find his way out. He is lost in a world of pornography, addicted to his lusts and in need of rescue. There are millions of Gilligan men out there. The heart will indulge in what we give it an appetite for.

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Seven Types of Men eCourse

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

This Seven Types of Men and What They Teach Us About Men and Their Wandering Eyes eCourse is comprised from the ebook, "How to Inspire Your Husband to Stop Looking at Other Women."

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