Now This is Love.;;

by Brittney Goldsmith
(South Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Well, to start off, I am Brittney Goldsmith. I am 19 years old and my fiance is Kyle Becker. My fiance and I are two days apart, as I will be 20 on April 22nd and he will be 20 April 24th (: we both think that is pretty awesome and crazy to have birthdays so close to each other, we love it).

My fiance is in the military, in the Army and is currently stationed in Texas.

Me and my fiance met through my best friend. One day she was over and was just like my friend is home on leave do you wanna hang out with him and meet him? I was like, sure. I didn't know that meeting one person could change your life so much.

Right away I knew there was something about him. I looked at my sister and wondered "Is stephanie going to date him because if not, I will." haha we both laughed.

He was a very quiet guy, my sister thought he couldn't speak English haha. Most people probably wouldn't think he was attractive, but to me he was handsome. It wasn't his looks that got me, it was the way he acted and treated people he was a major sweetheart.

After he went back to Texas, I was still thinking about him and talking about him to Stephanie. There was just something about him. Then we started talking and became great friends. I could tell him anything! I didn't really think it was going to turn into anything because of him being in the military, but then he decided to ask me out and I was so happy. We don't get to see each other a lot, but we still somehow make it work.

Well in the beginning of March I got really really sick and ended up in the hospital. What I was suffering with was so bad my white blood cells stopped working and wouldn't fight off disease or infection. I was in the hospital and my temp was 104 and my blood pressure was so low I almost didnt make it the first night in there.

It was a very scary experience. I was hooked up to 7 IV's, lots of fluids were needed, and several antibiotics were given to me. I couldn't breath without oxygen or breathing treatments and even then it was hard. I got so many test and stuff done to figure out what was wrong. It was very scary and all the nurses were scared because of how young I am. Well, as true love would have it, Kyle got four days of emergency leave to come and take care of me. I was so happy and felt so loved. I was really sick and it meant a lot that he came to take care of me.

I instantly cheered up and started getting better when he arrived, and all the nurses said he helped get me out of there healthy.

Now for the romantic proposal! One morning when I was in there, he said he was going to get breakfast. I was tired so I was sleeping. He got back and asked if I was awake. He came in, then he got down on one knee, and I was completely shocked. He asked me to marry him and said he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

I was so happy and it was just so sweet. I loved the whole thing. The nurses were so happy, they were like this has never happened before. They got us a little cake and everything it was so cute. I seriously have my dream man.

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