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For all the fans of our message from around the world and the many friends of our site who wonder how this site and my message came to life, this page is for you.

I still remember the sharpness in the voice.

Definitive, authoritive and one accustomed to commanding and leading. Yet strangely, it was still warm and inviting.

"Space...the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
It's five year mission:
To explore strange new worlds...
To seek out new life and new civilizations..."

For years this monologue was heard weekly as Capt. Kirk and the Starship Enterprise captured the minds of millions for another one-hour saga with their ongoing mission "to boldly go where no man has gone before."

The shows were all different, yet they all had the same underlying message when observed carefully.

Years later, I still see the same clear underlying message anytime I allow myself to become intrigued enough to watch a few moments of one of their voyages.

What is the message?

Any lack of involvement of the Star Fleet Command in their mission would have lasting negative effects on the quality of life within the galaxy.

Did you ever see this message as you watched?

In other words, they couldn't just do nothing and hope for the best. They couldn't just bury their head in the sand and hope the galaxy wasn't effected.

They had to take an active role.

Not a Trekkie

No, I'm not a Trekkie!

That's not what this is about!

But like so many others, I did find this underlying mission thought provoking and interesting.

We see the underlying mission of this site the same way.

You see, in this ongoing journey we all call life, misinformation abounds. When misinformation abounds and is met with silence, the quality of our life is effected and confusion reigns.

There is so much misinformation affecting our lives today. This is especially true in the area of relationships and human sexuality.

What are some examples of this misinformation we see popularized in our world?

  • Relationships are all about the bedroom and the body

  • "Girls Gone Wild" actions are where body dignity is found

  • Relationships are more about "turning on" than "tuning in"

  • Human sexuality is more about recreation than relationship

  • Human sexuality is more about the urge than it is the merge

  • Being full-of-brandy, eye candy and toys-for-boys is where women get their value

  • Being wanted for night of a lifetime is of greater value than being wanted for a lifetime of nights

You don't have to look very hard to see how this type of misinformation is influencing our lives.

The effects of this misinformation are widespread. To just sit and do nothing and hope for the best will not help. I believe we need to take an active role.

And there are a couple more very good reasons why our mission through my ebooks and this website is important to my wife and me.

Those of you who are familiar with my message already know that a few years ago I became concerned about the voices crying out the loudest in our culture. I realized that my own little children may someday have to lend an ear to the messages that exist, so I decided to add my own voice to the mix.

Not a Tikie Forever

(This is an actual picture of my wife and our little boy's feet)

Like many other families all across the world, the pitter patter of little feet grace our home.

With two little tikes of our own, we know all too well that the watercolor pony paintings secured by magnets on our refrigerator doors will all to soon ride away.

Little legs and feet that crawl suddenly become little legs and feet with tippy toes reaching up to turn on a light switch for the first time.

Little voices saying their first words suddenly melt your heart with a "Tony" winning performance of an entire song without missing a lyric.

All those wonderful stages of a child's growth reflect the wonders and beauty of this thing we all call life.

But children do not remain little tikes forever. They grow up and have to sift through all the garbage of confusing misinformation themselves and make their own decisions.

Our site and our mission is for them!

Yes, it's an ongoing challenge, but the quality of their lives and their futures demands it.

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