Relationship Seminar

Living DESIGN in a

Finally, a Christian relationship seminar that speaks to the every day struggles of living in a world seduced with an overemphasis on the bedroom and the body

Bring this Christian relationship seminar to your church and help your people celebrate the value found in being wanted for a lifetime of nights and not just a night of a lifetime.

Marriage and Family Life Values

Marriage and family life values have taken a hit over the last several decades. The voice of culture distorts, discredits, and distances itself from the idea and place of marriage and family life, especially in the role it plays in our sexuality.

The voice of culture:

  • Promises passion but has no passion for promise
  • Makes relationships more about HEAT than HEART
  • Makes sex, love and relationships more about how much LEG-I-SEE than about LEG-A-CY
  • Is filling our world with DESIRE but leaving it empty of DESIGN

This Christian relationship seminar challenges that voice of culture in creative ways by clearly showing why it is better to be wanted for a lifetime of nights and not just a night of a lifetime.

Does your church schedule retreats, seminars or conferences for high school or college age students? Does your church regularly host events for singles or married couples that speak to both men and women?

If so, you are encouraged to give this Christian relationship seminar a try.

About your speakers
Stanley & Jessica Leffew

About Stanley Leffew

A few short years ago, Stan, a father of three, became concerned about the voices crying out to be heard in our world. Realizing his own children will someday have to decide which voices to follow, he decided to be proactive and add his own voice to the mix.

He created this website to enlarge his platform, and launched the ebook, "How to Be Wanted for a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime." You can read about it in this Press Release.

Over 80 nations visit his site each month, he has been recognized and honored as a Platinum Ezine Articles Expert, and thousands of other websites showcase his writings. Now you can bring this Christian-based relationship seminar to your church, college, or Christian organization event.

About Jessica Leffew

Jessica received a BS in Psychology from the University of Houston Clear Lake and also holds her Texas Teaching Certificate in Generic Special Education.

Besides traveling with her husband for these seminars, Jessica is on Staff as the Womens Ministry Director at Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Southwest Houston, TX.

Around 3,500 attend Sugar Creek Baptist Church each week, so her position there is filled with joyful excitement she treasures. Jessica is very passionate about her role as Womens Ministry Director, and she is so honored to be a part of ministry life at Sugar Creek.

Having a natural charisma as a speaker that audiences love, Jessica connects the hearts of those attending this seminar with our message through drama skits she both writes and performs.

In a world that promises passion,
help give your people a

from Seminar Speaker STANLEY J. LEFFEW

"Thank you in advance for helping me lift my voice!
As you explore this seminar as an option, I want
you to feel confident about embracing it. As a dad
trying to make the future of my children (and yours)
less confusing for the decisions they'll make with their
lives, I hope you'll consider this seminar because you

In a world where night of a lifetime ideas abound,
together we can encourage this and future generations
to never forget to elevate the lifetime. After all,
what we ELEVATE becomes what we CELEBRATE!

If you join me in throwing a party for home and family
values now, we can remind future generations to never
get so caught up in the dance of desire that they
end up missing the lifetime living for the moment."

This relationship seminar is filled with heart lifting humorous videos and drama skits sharing why relationships are more about LEG-A-CY than about how much LEG-I-SEE.

What we ELEVATE becomes what we CELEBRATE, so this seminar builds value in home and family life. It helps those attending understand that, while we are DESIGNED FOR DESIRE, we also DESIRE FOR DESIGN.

So many in the church struggle against, or have even embraced, the same lead-with-the-body approach to life and relationships found in our culture. This relationship seminar is designed for a variety of Christian venues within the church. It challenges those attending to stop surrendering to the voices of the night, and shows them how to start building LIFETIME VALUE into their life and relationships. It ignites a passion for living design in a desire-driven world.

A few highlights those attending will discover

  • What Bug Zappers and the misinformation that exists about love, sex and relationships have in common
  • What Mr. Incredible from the blockbuster movie "The Incredibles" teaches us about the power of the sensual influences around us
  • How what we call, "The Surge of the Urge" stepped onto the horizon and became the driving force it is today
  • Why what we ELEVATE becomes what we CELEBRATE
  • Why losing our love affair with marriage, home and family life is hurting us
  • Why being seduced with an over-emphasis on the bedroom and the body has so many living for the moment and missing the lifetime
  • Four relationship connections that give life to our relationships
  • How to be wanted for a lifetime of nights and not just a night of a lifetime

To find out more about this relationship seminar and how you can bring this message to your church/organization, go here for booking information.

What Others are Saying

"The video visuals, skits, and the information you shared about the four core connections were really great. Thanks for showing us why design is really what is important in this desire-driven world."

"The manner in which you present the information is what I liked best. I will remember your message, and I especially liked the skits. Thank you!"

"I really liked the different components you've built into this seminar. I better understand DESIRE vs. DESIGN, and now better understand why being wanted for a lifetime matters more than just being wanted for a night of a lifetime."

"I liked everything about this seminar. The video on "Love that Last" gives one a feeling of hope for life."

"It was great having a married couple do a workshop leading singles to understand relationships. As a couple, you guys demonstrated what relationships are about. The skits were fresh and really entertaining, so keep up the good work. God bless!"

"Your subject matter was right on, and the skits were great. The FOUR-H concepts you shared in the seminar was OUTSTANDING."

"Every one of our singles should have been at this seminar. They have been asking for a relationship enrichment event, and I can't believe they let this one get away. It was fantastic!"

As one Singles Pastor put it --- "I'll highly recommend this Christian relationship seminar to anyone, and I'll gladly give you a reference anytime you need it. Our singles really enjoyed it!"

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