Right On!!!

by Sue

I appreciated the insight this author has into a much needed topic of conversation.

If you asked a young person today what the meaning of virtue is they would probably look at you strangely for not ever having heard the word.

What ever happened to the days of gentlemen fighting for a lady's virtue? Today, too many "ladies" are willing to lay it down easily as if it was never something of value to begin with. We are schooled into believing if a lady wants to keep the guy she has to keep him "satisfied" from the first date.

There was a time that a guy would “blush” for having seen too much of a lady's leg. Today guys have seen the entire lady before they reach adulthood.

I am not excusing men and their part, but as a woman myself I blame half of it on women. If mothers would teach their young men to respect women and women would demand by their actions to be respected I believe we would see more gentlemen return.

I also blame the porn industry as they are a huge culprit. They have taken the art of seduction and the beauty of intimacy and turned it into trash. The saying "good things come to those who wait," has been lost in a society so blinded by instant gratification they don’t know the meaning of value in a relationship.

I remember reading an article about ten years ago encouraging college students to sleep with a potential mate before committing to a relationship. This way a person would know if compatibility would be an issue later on down the road... like the wedding night. I was shocked back then, but today it is more widely encouraged then ever.

Whatever happened to marriage and sanctity?

Whatever happened to growing with your partner as you work out those compatibility issues and fall deeper in love for the effort?

Oh yeah, they were thrown to the side in favor of divorce 101. After all we must do what "feels" good instead of what is good!

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Dec 29, 2010
What a fantastic post, Sue!
by: Stanley J. Leffew


This is a fabulous post!

As I read this, I sensed a kindred spirit behind your insightful words. So glad to have you post this. Your comments help add value to this site and to the heart of the message this site has been designed to communicate. Thank you for taking a moment to speak to us and share such an inspirational post.

All the best,

Stanley J. Leffew
Author: "How to Be Wanted for a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime."

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