Sex: It's Different For Men

by Bob Grant, L.P.C. - Relationship Coach

I sell an ebook. In fact I sell 2 of them. They're for women and they help educate them on what does and doesn't work in regards to relationships with men. With each ebook I offer a Free 15-minute coaching session to go along with the book.

Now I didn't have any idea what these women would want to speak with me and assumed each session would be different. To my surprise, and my assistants, I can tell you what nearly 90% of these sessions consist of. It goes like this....

"We had 3 dates (pick a number) and it seemed to be going so well.....I slept with him.....and now he doesn't call me anymore. I don't know what I did wrong?"

I'm not kidding when I say nearly every call is some version of the above. The problem isn't that the woman in question made a mistake in terms of being mean, stupid or selfish. The problem is that they often don't realize how most men feel about sex.

Men are result oriented when it comes to Sex. They will do almost anything for it. Women are result oriented when it comes to obtaining a commitment from a man.

Now, not every woman or every man, but most. Sex is the primary means that enables him to FEEL deeply. Words just don't do it for him, I'm sorry. Now, if this is such a strong drive in a man wouldn't he be thankful and loyal to a woman who gave her body to him?

Actually it depends and what he had to do to have access to her body. If all it took was 3 dates, a couple of meals and some sweet talk, then no he won't be loyal at all because it came rather easy.

In many regards, it's like a drug addict doing whatever they can for the high. When a woman gives into a man, or even initiates sex before a man is committed to her she is playing with fire.

Whether you agree or not, I've heard it too many times in my office.

When a Woman gives her body to a man exactly what more is there that she can give? Isn't it only fair to expect a man to give the same amount in return? For a man this involves committing for life?

I don't think it's asking too much of a man because when a woman has sex with someone, that person is going to be "in their head" for the rest of their life. There is a chemical bond, whether they want it or not.

I wrote about this in my blog (under Sex) with a link to a site which describes this chemical bond in great detail. When a Woman makes a man work for her heart and offers her body as the prize, a real man will be willing to commit to her for life.

He has invested in her because she has acted like sex is something special that deserves his complete loyalty. Otherwise, for most men, it's just something fun to do, no more and no less.

Copyright by Bob Grant, L.P.C. 2006 All rights reserved. No part of this article may be used or reproduced in any manner without written permission.

About The Author: Bob Grant, L.P.C. has been a professional counselor for over 16 years helping women establish relationships through understanding men. He is a relationship coach known as The Relationship Doctor and is the best selling author of the ebook, The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave.

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