Stanley & Jessica Leffew - Our Wedding Story

by Stan & Jessica

Our wedding story didn't make the headlines. Paparazzi were not carefully hidden in the shelter of the surrounding trees at our outdoor wedding. The tabloids didn't reveal sordid tales about our lives leading up to the wedding. There wasn't any talk about either of us being Royalty. Oprah didn't call!

It was September 11th 1999, and it was a beautiful Saturday that would blow through our lives like a whirlwind. On this day for an outdoor wedding weather would be our friend.

Our day would start with the chaos of early morning preparation for pictures. As we all gathered for pictures prior to the wedding ceremony it became clear that we both had placed too much responsibility on ourselves to make this day work.

Being a photographer I would be taking our wedding pictures (hard to do when you are in them), and Jessica was responsible for the catering. Craziness! Don't ever do this! With many helping hands we were able to accomplish the impossible and make it all work.

All of the hassles leading up to the wedding ceremony seemed to vanish as the music started. The sounds of the trumpets blasting across the mountainside mixed with the hush of ceremony tones from the Minister are memories we will cherish forever.

We had written our own wedding vows, and yes, we both questioned our sanity for this decision. However, we were both successful in saying them to one another and believe they added a personal touch to the wedding ceremony.

The dance began as the sunlight of the day gave way to the moonlight of the night. It was perfect! The traditional dances kept us busy while mischievous hands added special detailing to our vehicle.

The heart music of that day continues, the paparazzi and the tabloids still leave us alone, Oprah still hasn't called (come on Oprah, it's been 14-years), and September 11th now means something different to the entire world. For the two of us, though, we'll always remember it as the day our lives were joined. There's still no talk of either of us being Royalty, but we have learned to treat one another as if we are. Seems to be working!

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