Letter To The President!

by Stanley J. Leffew

Dear Mr. President,

I write this letter to you, The President of the United States, with great humility and respect for the position and office you hold.

Please allow me to say thank you for your willingness to serve my family, and indeed, other families from all across this great land.

I did it!

I did what you suggested in your "State Of The Union Address" and took the time to thank a couple of the young men and women in uniform for their service to this country. I took it as a personal mission from the President to do this.

It was amazing!

In each case their faces revealed the warmth and gratitude they felt to have someone they didn't know acknowledge and thank them for their sacrifices.

I also wish to say thank you for your passion to stand up for perhaps the greatest and most important of all issues confronting us today - the issue of MARRIAGE.

Your willingness to stand up and fight for the sanctity of marriage, family life and the home only seems to be matched with your desire to model this same approach in your own life and relationship.

It is our belief here at http://advice-for-lifetime-relationships.com that:

  • The "State Of The Union" stands or falls on the strength of our "Union" within the state.
  • The greatest threat we face as a nation is not to our BORDERS but to our BOUNDARIES. When we fail to protect our BORDERS the result is loss of life that affects thousands. When we fail to protect our BOUNDARIES the result is loss of way-of-life that affects millions for generations to come.
  • MARRIAGE is central to the strength of this great nation. We believe that the greatest gift we will ever give the world is a stable home.

May God's grace continue to shine down on this great nation and on everything that makes any nation great – FAITH and FAMILY!

May God's face shine on you as you continue to model in your own life the view of this website, that it is better to be wanted for a "Lifetime of Nights" and not just a "Night of a Lifetime".

The office of The President once again shines brightly to the world. Thank you for bringing family values and honor back to the White House.


Stanley J. Leffew

(C)Copyright 2003-2004 advice-for-lifetime-relationships.com

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