Not Just A Night
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Dear Relationship Ebook Affiliate,

Here is your opportunity to Earn 70% commission on every order of How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime


"Thank you for helping me lift my voice! As an affiliate of this product I want you to make money recommending it, but as a dad trying to make the future of my children (and yours) less confusing for the decisions they'll make with their lives, I hope you'll become an affiliate because you value a voice daring to promote DESIGN in a DESIRE-DRIVEN WORLD.

In a world where night of a lifetime ideas abound, together we can encourage this and future generations to never forget to elevate the lifetime. After all, what we ELEVATE becomes what we CELEBRATE! If you join me in throwing a party for home and family values now, we can remind future generations to never get so caught up in the dance of desire that they end up missing the lifetime living for the moment."

Help us give others
the gift of LIFETIME VALUE
for their relationships!

If you like our message about making relationships last and being wanted for more than just a night, we would like to extend an offer for you to help us mark a life with this message. You will receive 70% commission as an affiliate for every sale of this product coming from your Affiliate ID.

Here are some advantages to being a "Not Just a Night" relationship ebook affiliate.

  • It is completely free to join
  • Clickbank, a third-party processor, handles all affiliates of this program. Clickbank is the most reputable, reliable and respected name in affiliate processing and this assures payouts to affiliates are handled professionally
  • Clickbank handles all credit card transactions and payment options
  • Commissions are determined and distributed every two weeks by Clickbank so you do not have to wait months to receive your earnings
  • We provide you support tools, graphics and other promotional materials, to help make your promotion of this package user-friendly
  • Most importantly, you become a partner in our effort to influence others and mark a life with this message

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(STEP 2) Let Us Know You Joined
As soon as you sign up with this relationship ebook affiliate program, use the form at our CONTACT US page to let us know. This will allow us to keep you updated when we have special promotions and updates.

When you join us in helping people add LIFETIME VALUE to their relationships you receive the following promotional materials and support tools.

  • Ebook Graphics
  • Text link examples to use for your website or ezine
  • Your unique link with Clickbank so you can get credit for your referrals


© Copyright Stanley J. Leffew


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