Relationship Advice for Love

Relationship advice for making relationships last, marriage building and finding fulfilling lasting love will help you discover;

“How to be Wanted for a LIFETIME OF NIGHTS
and not Just a NIGHT OF A LIFETIME.”

Relationship advice and dating advice are in big demand for both online and offline love seekers. Much of what is circulating on the Internet today is of the “Night of a Lifetime” variety. That’s why this site is dedicated to helping you find lasting love, define fulfilling relationships and enjoy being wanted for a “Lifetime of Nights.”

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Good relationship advice is not always easy to find. The truth is, dating, romantic love, marriage and intimate relationships are challenging and we can all use help from time to time.

Are you ready to discover some ideas for making love last?

Are you ready to find out how to be wanted for more than just a night?

COME ALONG! You are invited to continue through this site. You will find that this site, together with our e-book, “How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime,” can help you establish a foundation for lasting and fulfilling love.



We see this phenomenon all around us.

Cleavage, short skirts, body piercing, sensual tattoos and suggestive conversations clearly show that ours is a culture focused on our sexual appetite.

Are we confusing desire and longing?

A suggestive music video at 2:00 in the morning may awaken desire, but it does nothing to satisfy the cry of the human heart for intimacy, love, acceptance, compatibility, oneness and commitment.

The message of this site is that the human heart longs to be wanted for a lifetime of nights and not just a night of a lifetime.

The message of this site is that we are selling this longing short.


How to become MORE than your are so you can stop attracting LESS than you are
What happens when you lead with the body in life and relationships
Why the fire that warms is better than the fire that burns
Why the current trend of making sex more about recreation than relationship leaves scars
Why so many struggle with preoccupation and addiction to sex
Why being seduced by an over-emphasis on the bedroom and the body is hurting us
Why “tuning in” will rock your world far more than “turning on”
Why “Girls Gone Wild” actions are not where body dignity is found
Why living for the moment can cause you to miss the lifetime
Why so many are getting “burned by the heat”

Now, I would be remiss to believe that all of the relationship advice one could possibly use would come from this site’s data alone.

This site has been designed as a one-stop portal for lasting fulfilling love and relationship advice. As you journey here, you will discover many other resources that provide some of the best relationship advice found on the Internet for dating, wedding planning, finding love, romantic ideas, marriage proposals and much, much more.

Through it all, you will learn why “being wanted for a lifetime of nights” is more valuable and desirable than just being wanted for a night of a lifetime”.

I’ve taken great care to make these relationship advice resources available to you here at the CLICK OF A MOUSE.


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Find out more about us and our site’s message for relationship building, sexual purity, sex advice, marriage and family values.

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Lifetime-of-Night Dating Ideas
Creative dating ideas for singles dating online and offline. First date ideas, fun date night ideas and romantic dating tips for new and lifelong blissful relationships.

Creative Marriage Proposals For Lifetime Beginnings
Creative Marriage Proposals and stories to provide ideas for anyone considering popping the question. We’ll share ours and help you with yours.

Romantic Vacation Humor and Ideas
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Our Site, Our Mission shows why we built this site and why concerned parents need to be involved against the confusing misinformation that exists regarding sexuality and relationships

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