FOUR-H Formula

FOUR Relationship Love Connections
For Making Love Last


True relationship love and fulfillment is something people all over the world long for. This cry of the heart to be wanted for a lifetime of nights and not just a night of a lifetime touches us all.

Listen to the longing in this true story.

Who Is Going To Love Judith Bucknell?

“In the summer 1980, a Miami Herald reporter captured a story that left the entire Gold Coast breathless. It was the story of Judith Bucknell. Attractive, young, successful, and dead.

Judith Bucknell was homicide number one hundred and six that year. She was killed on a steamy June 9th evening. Age: 38. Weight: 109 pounds. Stabbed seven times. Strangled.

She kept a diary.

The correspondent made this comment about her writings.In her diaries, Judy created a character and
a voice. The character is herself, wistful,
struggling, weary; the voice is yearning.
Judith Bucknell has failed to connect; age
38, many lovers, much love offered, none returned.

Her struggles weren’t unusual. She worried about getting old, getting fat, getting married, getting pregnant, and getting by……… Her diary was replete with entries such as the following.Where are the men with the flowers and
champagne and music? Where are the
men who call and ask for a genuine, actual
date? Where are the men who would like
to share more than my bed, my booze, my
food…. I would like to have in my life,
once before I pass through my life, the
kind of sexual relationship which is
part of a loving relationship.

She never did.

Judy was not a prostitute. She was not on drugs or on welfare. She never went to jail. She was not a social outcast. She was respectable. She jogged. She hosted parties. She wore designer clothes and had an apartment that overlooked the bay. And she was very lonely.I see people together and I’m so jealous
I want to throw up. What about me!
What about me!

Though surrounded by people, she was on an island. Though she had many acquaintances, she had few friends. Though she had many lovers (fifty-nine in fifty-six months), she had little love.Who is going to love Judy Bucknell?
the diary continues. I feel so old.
Unloved. Unwanted. Abandoned. Used up.
I want to cry and sleep forever.

A clear message came from her aching words. Though her body died on June 9th from the wounds of a knife, her heart had died long before…from loneliness.

I’m alone and I want
to share something with somebody.”[NO WONDER THEY CALL HIM THE SAVIOR]
by Max Lucado
(c) 1986 by Multnomah Press

This cry is repeated over and over again by men and women all over the world who long for lasting, fulfilling, relationship love, romance and intimacy.

How about you? Have you ever felt this way?

I know I have!

My yearning for romance, intimacy and finding love that lasts in my life has been no different than yours. That’s why you will find engraved on the inside of my wife’s wedding ring the endearing term,“My FOUR-H Bride”.

The significance of these words have not only been the guiding influence behind my search for lifelong relationship love and romance, they are the guiding influence in the development and continued growth of that relationship.

This site along with our e-book, “How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime,” reveal the story behind their meaning.THE FOUR-H FORMULA

These two resources together have been developed for the purpose of empowering YOU in your quest for relationship love, relationship harmony and relationship intimacy. Making relationships last and having fulfilling relationship love and romance adds spark and spice to life.

After all, finding blissful relationships and connections of the heart are blessings we should all enjoy. Being wanted for a lifetime of nights and not just a night of a lifetime is something we should all enjoy.

So, exactly what is “The Four-H Formula”?

It is based on the belief that there are FOUR very important core connections needed to help lay a foundation for healthy, happy well-rounded relationship love and romance.

To have a relationship that will last, it is important not to neglect any of the connections in our formula. The rest of this website, together with our e-book, is dedicated to revealing the value of each of these four relationship love connections.

The FOUR Connections of “THE FOUR-H FORMULA” are:


This site has been designed for easy navigation of each relationship love connection in the FOUR-H Formula. Simply locate each one in the Navigation Bar and continue your journey.

Additional help from other resources on relationship love, marriage enrichment and intimacy are listed throughout our site.

How to Be Wanted for a Lifetime of Nights
and not Just a Night of a Lifetime

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