Heart Connection

Creative Romantic Ideas
and Being Likeable in Love

Are creative romantic ideas important in relationships?

If so, what role do they really play in the relationship formula we are discussing on this site?

With the first H in the FOUR-H FORMULA standing for HEART CONNECTION, it only seems fitting to cover the important aspect of romantic ideas here.

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As you visit with us, it is our wish for you to grow in your romantic intelligence. We trust the romantic ideas you find here will be helpful for improving your relationship.

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Since we are dealing with matters of the heart, romantic ideas will greatly help to make heart connections flourish.

Here are some creative romantic ideas for your consideration:

* Learn what his/her love languages are. My primary love languages are words of affirmation and physical touch. My wife’s primary love languages are acts of service and gift-giving. When I communicate creative romantic ideas by speaking her love language instead of mine, her response is totally different. My creative romantic ideas are far better received when I give her a gift or serve her by cleaning the kitchen than when I hold her and tell her how beautiful she is.

* Comprise an entire tape or CD of her/his favorite songs. This is one of those romantic ideas that really wins for the music lover.

* Give one another me-time by taking the children for the evening.

* Give her an evening out with the girls.

* Give him an evening out with the guys.

* If you have “heavy” life issues you are dealing with in your relationship, creative romantic ideas that are fun and frolicky should be the order of the day.

* Find a fountain scene in the city to reflect on your love by.

* Find a mountain scene in the country to reflect on your love by.

* Before taking them their favorite house slippers, toss them in the dryer for warming.

* Give a dozen roses and insert a silk one in the center with a paper heart attached that reads, “My love will last until the last rose dies”.

Yes, creative romantic ideas play a role in the FOUR-H Formula. Before we look at more resources, though, perhaps I need to discuss what having a HEART CONNECTION is really all about.



Have you ever seen so many programs dealing with the human quest for achieving relationship harmony?

While Hollywood dramatizes fantasy relationships with their twisted plots, it is still a reality that not everyone we meet has what it takes with which to bond a special friendship and marriage. Relationships require far more than romantic ideas for development.

HEART enhances relationships when we see that it is really LIKE and not just LOVE that is to be valued.

LOVE, is an ACTION, whereas, LIKE is a TRAIT.

Make no mistake! Real love is never seperated from likeability traits. In fact, the most important traits in any relationship are LIKEABILITY TRAITS.

I have strong loving feelings for my wife because I LIKE HER first and foremost.

People don’t stop loving, they stop liking. They don’t fall out of love, they fall out of like.

You see, emotions are fleeting and should never be the grounds by which one determines true love. True love isn’t found in any list of romantic ideas.

This is why likeability traits are so important. A lifetime with someone you really don’t like very much will eventually erode any feelings of love that may seem to be present in the beginning.

Don’t ask yourself if you are in love! Ask yourself if you are IN LIKE.

It’s not that you like “how they make you feel”.

It’s not that you like having something to do when they’re around. It’s not even that you like your life more with them than you do without them.

What really matters is that you LIKE THE PERSON THEY ARE.

Include all the creative romantic ideas you can into your relationships, but don’t forget the importance of building your relationships on likeability traits.

What is it about the person that you find interesting?

What is it about the person that causes you and others to respect them?

Since having interest (having a life) is what makes us interesting, what is it about their lives that causes you to be fascinated by them?

Creative romantic ideas can help relationships flourish, but all of the above is what building our relationships on likeability traits is all about.


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As each connection in the FOUR-H FORMULA comes to a close, you will see this high-stepping graphic. Here you will find ways to put into practice what is covered in each part of the formula.

1. Be likable! Take being LIKABLE serious enough to work hard at becoming a more fascinating person.

2. Raise the bar! Require more in your search for Mr./Ms. Right than that they breathe.

3. Develop YOU! If you really like who you are and have good self esteem, you become less likely to be dependent on someone else for your happiness. If you find you boring, how is someone else not going to feel the same way about you? Bored people are boring people!

4. Have an idea of what you LIKE! Know enough about yourself to know what characteristics are important to you in someone in which you are interested. Know what these characteristics are and do your best to stand by them.

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