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by Stanley J. Leffew
The Coffee Shop of Make Believe
7 Day FREE eCourse.

I still remember it as if it only happened yesterday.

I was standing in line to order at a restaurant near my house and noticed that everybody seemed a little disoriented and troubled.

“Why,” I wondered.

The air was so heavy with disbelief, it felt as though you could cut through it with a knife.

In an instant, I saw why!

The front page of the newspaper sitting on a counter revealed a wrecked car and headlines about the “Death of a Princess”.

I had been traveling for a couple of days and hadn’t heard.

As I sat down to eat, it hit me what the newspaper meant. I quickly bought the paper and read the story anticipating a punch line.

The punch line never came.

It was for real.

I began to experience some of the same heaviness.

I remember sitting there and thinking about this dominant yet dainty figure that had given the world the belief again in fairy tales.

Gone! Gone and way to soon for the world!

A light had gone out, and I felt what everyone else was feeling, the shadows deepening. That’s what happens when lights go out in the world. The world becomes a darker place.

This FREE e-Course along with our Relationship and Personal Development Newsletter have been developed to celebrate the LIGHTS currently shining in the world.


You ever wish you could sit down with someone you admire for the way they enrich the lives of others?

You ever see people of influence and wish you had the chance to learn about life from their perspective?

Have you ever known anyone without whom the world would be a darker place?

That’s what this FREE eCourse is about!

It takes us into the world of cyberspace technology, where at the click of a mouse, we can all pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and get to know several guests of, “The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe”.

These guests will empower you and they are among the greatest lights currently shining in the world. Our presence together in the Coffee Shop becomes, “Sugar For My Coffee”.

I like to close all of my writings with this segment. I’ve picked out some of the best for you in this FREE eCourse.

I hope the sugar is sweet for you as you journey through this All-Star collection derived from our Personal Development Newsletter series, “Sugar For My Coffee” in “The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe”.


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