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Stan & Jessica Leffew

This page is designed to tell you more about us and our site’s message regarding sex, intimacy in marriage, love and relationship building advice.

People from nations all around the world are visiting our site, and we just wanted to say, “From our home to yours, WELCOME.”

Below are some questions to ponder that we believe our site will provide answers to as you visit and find out more about us and our site’s message.

This site is birthed out of a passion for purity and out of a passion for home and family!

We believe our message is timely and needed. So many today have made sex about recreation instead of relationship.


We enjoy a lovely marriage together and are in awe at the wonders of the amazing world of

parenting. We have two great little wonders of our own who remind us every day of the importance of rediscovering amazement.

When our first little wonder found out he was going to be a big brother of a baby sister, he responded: “Werz my goff ball?” Talking about having your life in perspective!


Questions To Ponder

1. Are we allowing our culture to shape our values and the way we view human sexuality and relationships?

2. Are we recognizing that SEX IS A GIFT to be VALUED?

3. Are we making sex more about recreation instead of relationship?

4. Are we handling our sex drives with a perspective for being wanted for a “Night of a Lifetime” or for being wanted for a “Lifetime of Nights”?

5. Are we confusing desire with longing? A suggestive music video at 2:00 a.m. may awaken desire, but it does nothing to satisfy the longing of the human heart for intimacy, love, companionship, acceptance, compatibility, oneness and commitment.

6. What did the Master Designer have in mind for sex and are we respectfully living out that plan?

It is our belief that God has more in mind for sex than downloading 3×5 images into computer screens.

It is our belief that God has more in mind for sex than marketing images on glossy pages of magazines.

It is our belief that God has more in mind for sex than pornographic movies, Girls Gone Wild and Spring Break parties.

It is our belief that God has more in mind for sex than inflamed lust-filled rooms of loud music and strippers.

“We’re a long way from the manger,
from the pure simple divine.
A long way from the innocence of the stranger.
Is this what you had in mind?”
[Wayne Watson – A Long Way From The Manger – 2003]
We believe that God’s plan for sexuality and relationships is found in,Being Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights
and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime


We hope you enjoy finding out more about us and our site message, and we trust you will enjoy your visit here.

Stan & Jessica

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