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Stan & Jessica Leffew

The desire for finding love and lasting relationships is an on-going passion for most people in our society. However, it is still a challenge for many, and building love to last a lifetime is even a greater challenge.

This desire for finding love relationships that have depth and meaning gave birth to the resource booklet titled,

How to Be Wanted for a Lifetime of Nights
and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime

This is the booklet that started it all!

Even the website you are visiting is an excerpt of information taken from this relationship booklet about finding love that last.

This booklet has been a resource tool since its inception for individuals, parents and youth organizations to help navigate a path through all the relationship confusion that abounds today. After all, finding love and relationships that last a lifetime is a noble pursuit.

Finding love that will last a lifetime instead of only a night is the greatest longing of our heart. It is our belief that finding love for a lifetime is what we have been created for.

We also believe that this message about finding love that last just might be the message needed to make a difference in the lives of many all over the world.

What others are saying:“It is concise and to the point. It is thought provoking and will make you ask questions of yourself. You will start to examine your own life and relationships. It is well written with insightful information.”R. D., Tennessee“I lost this book to my teenage daughter upon bringing it home. She wouldn’t give it back until she read it from cover to cover.”K. C., Georgia“God bless you, Stan and Jessica. Your lives are a tremendous encouragement to those of us who are still holding out for God’s best for us in relationships.”A. J., Georgia

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How to Make the MONEY
You Earn at Your Job WORK FOR YOU
so You Can STOP Working for Your JobAttention Network Marketer’s

If you are in the MLM Industry and you desire a tool that will help you PRE-SELL your opportunity to others, this is it!

This booklet will add value to your prospects lives and leave them with more of an OPEN-TO-BUY mindset about your business. This is what PRE-SELLING does.

In this booklet you will discover:

* Why most families are on a collision course for failure and what can be done about it.

* Why most people WILL NOT become financially independent.

* What most people are doing that is LEAVING THEM WITH EMPTY WALLETS.

* The one power that people give their employer that they should never give.

* The one thing people do that places their financial lives at a severe disadvantage.


* The power of Residual Income: How to continue getting paid over and over again in the FUTURE for work that you do IN THE PRESENT.

Plus, much, much more.

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Send $9.95 (Texas residents add sales tax) payable to Stanley Leffew at:Stanley Leffew Resources
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The Coffee Shop
of Make-Believe
You ever wish you could sit down with someone you admire for the way they enrich the lives of others?

You ever see people of influence and wish you had the chance to learn about life from their perspective?

Have you ever known anyone without whom the world would be a darker place?

That’s what this booklet is about!

It takes us into the world of cyberspace technology, where at the click of a mouse, we can all pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and get to know several guests of, The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe.

These guests are among the greatest lights currently shining in the world, and our presence together in “The Coffee Shop” becomes, “Sugar For My Coffee”.

I like to close all of my writings with this segment.

I’ve picked out some of the best for you. I hope the sugar is sweet for you as you journey through this All-Star collection from our series, “Sugar For My Coffee” in “The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe”.

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The Coffee Shop of Make-Believe
is also the foundation for our
Sugar For My Coffee Newsletter.

All three of the resources listed above were inspired by, and derived from the ebook, “Make Your Knowledge Sell”. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!

I am no Ernest Hemingway, but this ebook opened up a whole new world for me on how to develop info-products out of my personal knowledge-base and experience.
By following the wealth of information that this ebook covers, I have been able to develop the booklets above and earn income from these resources.

The booklet for finding love that last, “How to Be Wanted for a Lifetime of Nights and not Just a Night of a Lifetime” has even been purchased by churches as a resource for their Single/College and Career departments.

I can’t say enough about the OVER-DELIVERY of information and how-to-do-it steps Ken Evoy and Monique Harris reveal in this resource.

Without this ebook, my booklet about finding love that last would have never launched. For that matter, none of my resources (including this website) would have ever hit the launch-pad.

Thank you Ken and Monique