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Yes, this really is a FREE relationship help ebook.

If fulfilling relationships and making love last is what your heart is searching for, read on.

If you want to see why a “night of a lifetime” approach to relationships and love isn’t where it’s at, read on.

Stop and ask yourself.

* Are you dating online or offline and trying to connect with your heart and not just your body?
* Has committed love and making love last somehow been lost in a mindset of recreation sex?
* Are you making relationships more about passion than promise and being seduced by an over-emphasis on the bedroom and the body?

Our booklet, “How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just aNight of a Lifetime”, is now available for FREE for the first time in PDF electronic ebook format for immediate download.

Find out for yourself:

* What happens when we lead with the body in life and relationships
* Why so many struggle with preoccupation and addiction to sex
* How to have the right kind of LOVE-AFFAIR
* The real way you spell L-O-V-E
* Why “Girls Gone Wild” actions are not where body dignity is found
* Why so many are getting “burned by the heat”
* Why “tuning in” will rock your world far more than “turning on”

What others are saying:

“It is concise and to the point. It is thought provoking and will make you ask questions of yourself. You will start to examine yourown life and relationships. It is well written with insightful information.”
R. D., Tennessee
“I lost the printed version of this ebook
to my teenage daughter upon bringing it home.
She wouldn’t give it back until she read it from cover to cover.”
K. C., Georgia
“God bless you, Stan and Jessica.
Your lives are a tremendous encouragement to those of us
who are still holding out for God’s best for us in relationships.”
A. J., Georgia

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